Thursday, April 26, 2012

Videos take over Pictures...

Today I am ditching the pictures and posting a few videos of my sweet boys! Enjoy!

Sweet Brennan:

Silly Ian:

My Sunshines:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brennan is One Month!

I can't believe that Brennan is one month old today! He was just what our family needed and is the perfect addition. To celebrate we did a little picture taking, and thought up his most important current facts...

At one month old, Brennan:
  • Weighs 10 pounds!
  • Has outgrown all of his newborn size outfits
  • Wears size 1 diapers
  • Nurses every 2 hours during the day
  • Grunts ALL the time. Seriously... All.The.Time.
  • Has smiled a few times, and I like to think those smiles were real ones.. even though all but one was in his sleep.
  • Will sleep in 4-6 hour stretches during the night.
  • Holds his head up! He's been doing this since the day he came home though. He'll even lift her head off of your shoulder and look around.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Impromptu Session

A few days after Brennan was home, and I was in awe of the love and happiness I was feeling for my boys, I grabbed my camera and starting shooting away.  As I was taking pictures and having conversation with Ian I was so filled with confidence that they will one day be best friends, and have a life filled with adventure together....this photo session is one of the first adventures, and I can't wait to watch and hear about the rest!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby Brennan..{Birth Story}

I know I am a few weeks late...however any of you who have newborns or have had them  I am sure understand how crazy and tiring it is, needless to say Baby Brennan has arrived!!!

Brennan Robert Murphy
Wednesday March. 28, 2012 at 9:55pm
8lbs 11oz
18.5 " long

On Wednesday May 28th I went off to work like any normal day. It was my due date but there no signs of any baby arriving anytime soon. The night before I spent 3 hours making homemade eggplant parm to eat hopingit would help induce labor which is an old Italian wives tale many friends have tried and been unsuccessful. I ate it at lunch, and nothing all afternoon. Mr. had a doctors appointment that afternoon and decided to invite his brother over for a BBQ. Still no signs of anything. My in-laws left around 8:00pm, and we started our bedtime routine with Ian.

Around 8:30pm I started to feel contractions while reading books to Ian that got intense... pretty quick. I told Mr. he should call Shawn (his brother and our sitter for Ian). He gave me a look like really? already? I had been through this once before and again asked him again to call Shawn. I started to gather all my bags and put them at the top of the stairs and ran to the bathroom. Shawn arrived around 9:20, and I told Mr. we should go. He again having no idea what I felt like was chatting with his brother, and finally after about 5 min I gave a look and said, " We need to go now!"..Shawn looked at Mr. and said, " I think you should go!"

We only live about 5 minutes from the hospital..(thank goodness) we walked into registration the nurse must have seen me coming and met us with a wheelchair. I told her I might poop myself and she politely asked if I could please wait until we got upstairs. As the delivery doors opened at 9:32pm I was excited to see Ms. Julie. She had taught Mr. and I our birth preparation class as well as breastfeeding when we were preparing for Ian,  we formed a bond..... next the conversation carrried on something like this...
"Murphy's! Are we having a baby?"...
"Julie, I need to go to the bathroom!"
"Ok girl let me get you in your room, and check you. Has your water broke? How far apart are contractions?"
"No it hasn't broke. Can I get an epidural? Not far apart...not far at all if even at all, I have to poop..."
"ok, ok, calm down, let's check you, and i'll order the epidural...your about 7, and his head is right there, let me ask the Dr. if you can use the bathroom"
"K...can I have an epidural? I need to go to the bathroom"
"We need to get you registered and we will order it! Let's go to the bathroom."
In the bathroom...
"I don't need to go, I need to push...."
"ok..WAIT...I need to check you again................Yes you do..your having a baby now!"
"Can I get the epidural?"
"I'm afraid not...were going to deliver this baby!"

Quickest delivery ever...arrived at hospital at delivered at 9:55..and that's our story!

The rest of this went so quick, I barely remember anything until Brennan was placed on my chest. I can tell you it was a lot of screaming through contractions with a few not so nice words, and three pushes later I birthed my second son! It was amazing! He was placed on me "goo" and all and was so beautiful and perfect, God has blessed us!