Friday, July 23, 2010

where did the summer go?

Oh My..........

So a few post backs I promised my readers and myself I would blog more often....ooops. Let's just say my 7 month old , 8 month old has kept me crazy busy over the last 5 weeks. NY was a crazy time, and we could of used a vacation from our vacation! We have been spending time at the zoo, children's museum, playground, the pool, taking jogs and walks, fairs and carnivals, visiting friends, lots of lunch and dinner dates, storytime, and on and on. To recap I will add some photos, and start blogging on a regular basis!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

8 months old!

Today Ian turned 8 months old!! I just LOVE this age-he is so much fun! Having been able to spend the last 4 weeks with him everyday and watching him grow, has been amazing! I have really got an insight to his personality, and I am so blessed.....curious, strong, funny, friendly, loving.....i'll stop bragging! At 8 months Ian:
  • Weighs 21 lbs- 68th percentile for BF babies.

  • Is 29 1/2 inches long- 92nd percentile for BF babies.

  • Still has no teeth.

  • Pulls up on everything- when I go to get him in the morning, he is standing up in his crib!

  • Makes it completely difficult to change his diaper/ cloths. I mean it's almost impossible!

  • Is still crawling all over, just much faster!

  • Loves ridin gin the car- he is out in a matter of minutes. Sleep almost all 21 hours to NY, sleep all the way to the cottage, and grandma/grandpa Murpy's. Then almost all 14 hours back home!

  • Doesn't have a problem with strangers- always smiles at whoever says hello to him!

  • Talks constantly- mostly, "Ma-Ma", and "Da-Da", although I am not sure he knows what they mean yet.

  • Can sign "Milk", and is working on "eat, more, no, and dog"

  • Working on sleeping through the night. Sleeps from 8:15-7:15, but still fusses a few times during the night.

  • He is CRAZY! He never sits still, ever! (My little monkey, I think I have a theme for his 1st birthday!)

  • Loves the water...he has become quite the little fish!