Tuesday, February 22, 2011

finally his two front teeth

Ian's two front teeth have finally arrived!

and just beacuse I love his 800 different goofy facial expressions.....................

Monday, February 21, 2011

Photography 101

Sunday I had the pleasure of attending my first photography class. I know understand aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and how they all work together. I am no pro, nut I am ready to shoot away and play with what I learned!

Here are some of my favorite photos I took during the class:

 Some I cannot rotate the right way, but you get the idea!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Embracing the big 3-0!

Some people dread turning the big 3-0. I am not one of them. Maybe it is because I do not spend my time dwelling on the perceived bad things that come with 30. Instead I choose to look at all the great things that come with turning 30. It helps me to embrace 30 instead of dread it. Although today is my last day of my 20's, I am blogging about this today because my Mr. has the whole day planned out tomorrow, and I am unsure of what it entails other than dinner. I will have to post that  Saturday! So here's to 30!

So here is my List.....the 30 best things about turning 30:

1.I get to check a new age group box on forms.

2.I get to say, “I remember when I was in my 20s”.

3.It is a milestone birthday.

4.It is more exciting to say “I am 30″ than “I am 29 or 31″

5. Women have more fun in their 30's, I am told!

6.I get 10 years to prepare for turning 40.

7.I get to take the time to look at a new vision for my 30s.

8.I have stopped trying to find myself and started creating myself.

9.I get to start anew in my new age range.

10.I have great experiences from my past and so now I get to add new ones!

11.I can celebrate BIG for this birthday.

12.I am officially a accomplished women in my mind. Career, check. Mr, Check. House, Check. Dog, check. Son, check. Perhaps the daughter will be worked on this year!
13.When I get carded it is a compliment instead of them not thinking I am old enough.

14.All the life lessons I learned in my 20s, I can now apply to my life.

15.Don’t have to worry about being 30 because I just AM.

16.Get to read all the self help books about surviving your 30’s and nod in agreement with them.

17.Do not have to do it alone since many of my friends are turning 30 with me.

18.A major birthday like 30 means better presents! (More on this later!)

19.If I have learn nothing else from Desperate Housewives, 40 is the new 30 and 30 is the new 20.

20.People naturally take you more seriously when you are in your 30s.

21.You get to smile when people can not believe you are 30.

22.No longer have to struggle to be an adult because you have years of practice.

23.5 more years and I can be president.

24.Instead of stressing about acne, I can stress about wrinkles and gray white hair.

25.When I was younger 30 was OLD, now I feel 30 is young.

26.I Don’t wait for Santa to bring me a wii, I can go get my own.

27.I maybe turning 30 but I will still always be the youngest at heart..

28.Turning 30 makes you appreciate your 20’s and look forward to your 40s.

29.There is only on option to not turning 30, that is death. I say, “Welcome 30!”

30.Like the Christina song, “Keeps Getting Better”

Happy 30th Birthday Momma!

Is anyone else turning 30 this year?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

what i wore wednesday {1st for 2011}

This is my first week of  of 2011 back at “what i wore wednesdays” , where Lindsey over at the pleated poppy encourages and challenges each other to get out of our sweats by putting pics of ourselves up to keep accountable!

I must admit these photos should of been taken with my new nikon D3100, and were not, it's my goal next week! ( I have photography class this weekend!)  Enjoy and link up!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

15 months old!

At 15 months old, Ian:
•Weighs 26 pounds: 90th percentile
•Is 32 inches long: 75th percentile
•Has a 16 inch head: 80th percentile
•Has 2.5 teeth!
•No longer takes his milk out of a bottle!  Basically, we just did the whole "out of sight, out of mind" thing and said goodbye to bottles!
•LOVES to read. He brings us books, turns around, and backs up into our lap so that he can sit and listen to us read.
•RUNS everywhere!
•Understands soo much! He'll help Mr. and I  clean up and bring uscertain toys when I ask for them. He is smart!
•Has LOVES fruit and yogurt. If we let him that would be his diet. He points to the refrigerator, I open it, and he opens the drawer and gets his yogurt.
•LOVES any kind of ball - and will repeat "ball" over and over again when he sees one. He especially loves footballs and soccer balls.... see??

•Is still a dancing machine, and loves music.
•Can say lots of new words. This week, he said "mine" and "luv you"! "Mine" is something we will work on, I do not like it one bit!

I love you so much pumpkin pie, you continue to amaze me everyday. Your so smart, and funny! {I'm in trouble when you start to date the ladies} You make dad and I smile all the time! Everyday I love you more and couldn't be more blesssed to be your momma.

                                                                     Love, Momma

Monday, February 14, 2011

All you need is {love}

Happy Valentine's Day

At Casa de Murphy we do not celebrate Valentines Day on the 14th...we celebrate it everyday of the year!!!! However I do decorate the house, and did snap some photos of e-man! I hope you enjoy your day, and share the love!

                                                    Love Bites Momma!
                                                Kisses for his best friend.

How are you sharing/spreading your love today?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Live Laugh Lose

Grab a glass of water and be prepared to be inspired!

It was the day after Thanksgiving and my best friend Amanda was in town. She is getting married in June in Cozumel, I am one of three in her wedding party. We set out to find her wedding dress, and the parties dresses. This was my big "a-ha" moment. When I started trying on dresses she liked and as I saw my reflection, was disgusted. Disgusted at the sight I saw, at the sizes I was trying on, and knew that it was time. Now yes I just had a baby one year ago, and I know that it takes time to get your body back, however my year was now over by about 2 weeks. When I met Mr. I was fit, confident, active, I think you get the point. Since we moved from Florida to Georgia, the weight just slowly crept, and crept, and kept creeping. I had been too busy to even really take notice. Not really. I did take notice, I just had no time or energy to do anything about it. Until......the dressing room.
So that Sunday night I signed up online to start WW. Something I had been successful with in the past. It's been 11 weeks since then, and I am down 12 pounds, as of a few minutes ago at weigh in 14.5!! I would like to lose 15 more. My motto currently is: Live. Laugh. Lose. The holidays were a bit tough, I had a gain week, and 2 weeks of not going up, or down. But something was missing. My eating habits had changed, the amount i was eating had change, but no real change in cloths fitting, the way my body looked, or comments from others. I mean 12 pounds, I thought surely someone would notice. Nope. Then I knew I had to Bring it! I had to start working out, adding cardio, but the question was...WHEN? Working full time as a teacher, as all you teachers out there know is not just a 40 hour week, mom, wife, maid, cook, tutor, sister, daughter, friend, ect...I think you get the point. What and When?????? I had heard some friends doing P90X, (and no I am no way affiliated with P90X, or receiving anything from them for saying this), and had great results, love the way it made them feel and look, everything I was looking, but still questioned: WHEN? Stop questioning when and just do it, my inner voice told me. When little man goes to bed pop in the video and bring it! I did just that! It's been 2 weeks now, and I am getting comments already! I do have to tell you though my weight stayed the same on the scale, until this week! Down 2 pounds! I stopped making excuses, and made my decision to commit. My goal is to own my own success story. You read them everywhere everyday, and always think I want that to be me. Now it will be! Now that I have shared this little secret with y'all, I will update every Sunday!

To go along with this I also discovered e-mealz! It has made a huge differences in our lives. After one month with E-Mealz, not only did we make our food budget, but our food and grocery spending was nearly CUT IN HALF! E-Mealz has saved me time and money, not to mention provides great recipes that my husband actually likes!  It has many options to fit all family and lifestyles. So what it is? A weekly menu complete with the recipe and grocery list all done for you. The grocery list you can choose, Publix, Walmart, or Aldi, and it is mad emy aisle, and has the price already there. (Every week at check out my bill has been within 2 dollars of what they said!) P.S. How convenient that it has a WW meal plan for 2, with the points already right there for you! Check it out!!!!

What do you do to stay in shape and meal plan?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

playgrounds and ice cream trucks

The weather here in metro Atlanta was beautiful today. Well when I say beautiful I mean 54 degrees. Considering it snowed Wednesday night, I would say that is beautiful. We took full advantage of the situation, and headed out to the playground. Ian loves it their! Climbing, swinging, sliding, sand, watching the big boys. Ian also helped Mr. wash the car. As they were finishing up, I head a very familiar sound I haven't heard in a long time.....the ice cream truck! Immediately I grabbed my change purse and ran out the door. Ian was so excited!He had no idea what it was but it was playing music, and the boy L-O-V-E-S music! He paid the man all by himself and even said, "tank you"!

How did you spend your Saturday?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


no blog entry for two weeks...{stop.the.world} as Abby would say over at Babbling Abby, I wish I could somedays.  I must admitt, I have overloaded myself. Life has been crazy busy! I have been trying to learn as much as I can about my new camera and picture taking, before school tutoring started and who volunteered, Me! (Letme  just tell you so not worth it. Last week I was to get 130 extra dollars in my pay check , and after Uncle Sam got a holdof it I made 50), aside from being Momma, Wifey, Teacher, Friend, Sister, Daughter, ect....I also have taken on the challenge of P90X Y'all. . My plate has been FULL! So that is where I have been.  I know full of excuses everyday life!

This is how my schedules looks for the past 2 weeks, brace yourself...
4:30am - wake up and work out
5:30am- Shower it up
6:10am- Drop off e-man at Ms. Jennifer's
6:10-7:15am commute into the city for work
7:15am-8:15am- Tutor
8:25am-3:45pm- Teacher
3:45pm-4:15pm- Plan for tomorrow
4:15pm-5:45pm- Commute home to the country
5:45pm Pick up my little man
5:55pm-6:30pm Dishes, Dinner, Playtime with Ian
6:30pm-7:30pm All PLay, All Ian
7:30pm- Bath time
8:00pm- Reading as a Family, Ian goes to bed.
8:20pm-9:30pm Workout.
10:00pm- Bed.

See what I mean. Not much time in their for blogging. ugh. I am blogging right now as my students are writing me a letter to convince me that Eleanor Roosevelt was the best First Lady America has had.

So that is where I have been. I know this post is lame but your in for it with the next few....P90X & WW, EZmeals, and Photography.

And because no post is complete without pictures......and to prove we do have fun even with a busy schedule:
                                                   Who me? Nah couldn't be!
                                                     my little ham
                                                         buble guppies with daddy
                                                               Playing with Momma