Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lala Land...

..if I ever opened my own homeschooling school, or daycare I would call it Lala land! Lala because that is what my nephews call me and I think it is so sweet, and Land because it just makes it fun! Some parents may be hesitate by the name, and others may run to it, but it's fitting.

Today I had my niece over so that she could play with Ian for day, and we could also have some quality time together. After the day I must say that I have oodles of respect for all daycare providers. I had an agenda set, but man was it exhausting, fun, but I was in bed at 8:45 right after Ian feel asleep all on his own, we were both tuckered out.

We started our morning with a gourmet breakfast of toaster strudel and banana, and Auntie Melissa had a large cup of coffee. Next we got in our swim suits and headed outside. We took full advantage or the swimming pool, sandbox, trampoline, and adventure hill. Ian and Hailey would jump so much in the trampoline, and fall laughing so hard, it was precious. They also spotted the moon, and for about 10 min straight kept calling, "Come on Moon, Come on!" They were demanding the moon come down and play with them. After that they took an adventure climbing and rolling down the large hill in our backyard. Next we got out the crayons, and colored pictures. Are you tired yet?  Me too. After that we returned inside to have some juice, and graham crackers, while watching and dancing to Barney. We played buses,a nd trains, and hide and seek.

Next Hailey was interested in my camera, so we had Ian "pose" for us as she sat on my lap, and snapped pictures of him! Again, they were laughing so hard...we may also have a future photographer on our hands, I think I know what I am getting her for Christmas!

So even though my living room looked like this.....

I wanted to make paint projects with intentions included these cuties.......                            
110.jpg 400×400 pixels                                           handprint tutu

However Ian and Hailey clearly had other intentions.....

*FYI for my sister in law...Hailey threw a fit when Ian had Cars pull-ups, and she did not, so I gave in and let her wear cars, I told her she couldn't get the car wet or full or poo poo, and she agreed!

Some may flip over this mess, but they are just kids, and I am firm believer that sometime you just have to let kids be kids. Messes can be cleaned!

After this we ate lunch, and watched Cars. Hailey feel asleep for 3 hours while Ian took the barrette out of her hair, and put it in mine, saying, "Pretty". When Hailey woke up we again went outside and jumped don the trampoline, and played in the sandbox.

It was nice having someone for Ian to play with, and have fun. It sure would make thinks easier on me if he had a playmate all the time, so it's not Mommy, Mommy, Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmy.

And just because they are so darn cute.....

Would you send your kiddos to Lala Land?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer, Summer, Summertime!

Only 2 week left of the summer before I have return to school for pre-planning. We have been super busy, and will stay that way until Aug. 1st when I have to return. I have enjoyed the hot hot summer with my silly little man, and wish that I could stay home with him forever....but financially that i snot possible quite yet, but someday sooner than later!

Y'all know what?

1. I have one more final to take Wednesday and I am off from UWA for 3 weeks! YAhooooo!

2. Ian is making progress in sleeping. I do no have to lay with him anymore for him to fall asleep, I can sit about 4 feet away from his I said progress. He is still waking between 3-6 and coming into my room to "cuddles hugs", until we wake up.

3. We, well Ian and I are heading home to Lake Placid, NY Wednesday to visit family! Super Happy and Excited!

4.I love my new lens, but business has still been slow...I'm ok with that for now.

5. This is what we have been up to.................

Starting from the top left going clockwise....
  •  Visiting Borders for story time, and when it's rainy out. Ian loves the books with Wheels.
  • Rock Jumping on the Chattahoochee River.
  • Wearing daddy's Underwear as our shirt and telling Mommy, "I did it!"
  • Hanging out with Camille at Ms. Jennifer's while Mommy writes papers
  • 5&6. More rock hopping!
  •  More Camille playtime.
  • Going to the dollars movies at Regal...Ian always get this looks just as the lights go off and the screen comes on!
  • Wearing bowls as hats! Newest Fashion!
  • Drawing lots with sidewalk chalk.
  • Riding Big Trucks with Avery, and Caleb!
  • Water balloons Galore!
  • Play dates with Mommy's teachers friends! Isn't Caroline so precious!

6. Ian has become Mr. Independent..he wants to pick out his own cup, plates, silverware, pour his own juice and milk, pick his snack, and dress himself.

7. Our cats name is Riggs, however Ian has always called him "cat", until last week, he knew calls him "Cracker", and we have no idea why, but it cracks Mr. and I up!

8. Ian is also currently talking with multiple verb tenses.." I pop", and if we don't take him serious, "I pooping", followed by.."I pooped, guck, nasty". Oh lord.

9. I'm excited to start a new school, and meet my new class!

10. I have to be awake at 5:45 am tomorrow, to have a play date with my I must go to sleep.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Wa-wa-waermelon {Watermelon}

I found out quickly that my son is obsessed with watermelon, also know as wa-wa-waermelon. I think he may have one growing in his belly. He has a slice morning, noon, and night, and often in between as well. He wakes up asking for it some mornings- too cute! Secretly I am hoping he gets sick of it soon, because I am sick of the left over bites, and the slicing!

What has been your kiddos favorite snack this summer?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stop. Look. Read.

Blogger may just break down after this post, it's been so long. Let me first by saying that I am on Summer Vacation, so let's just say so is my blog. I am going to try to catch you up short and sweet. So here it goes....

First let's discuss Yes M'AM Photography.  I started my business in February, and have learned so much in the past 6 months. I have invested din lots of fun props, new branding which will be delivered in 10 days and I will share picture when my package arrives, and also a new lens! I finally set up a PayPal account, and invested in a new computer!! The summer started off very busy, and has slowed down to almost nothing which makes me sad. However I have put no money into advertising and am just building on word of mouth as of right now. So if you have family of friends in the Metro Atlanta Area, send them my way!

Next...University of West Alabama is kicking my ass! Yes, if you missed this information I am back in school. I am working on my specialist degree in Education, which will lead into my PhD. It is very interesting, and I am gaining lots of knowledge......and honestly it's not even that hard, just time consuming. I am spending about 20 hours a week currently, and when School starts back in a few weeks,and I am preparing lesson plans on top of that, I am going to have to do some juggling and adjusting.

Mr. and I went on a cruise to Cozumel to celebrate the marriage of our best friends. Congratulations Dale and Amanda Funk!!! We had a great time! I balled my eyes out when I Left Ian, and all the way onto the ship, then I was fine, and did relax and enjoy myself. I think my favorite part was being able to nap for a few hours every afternoon before Happy Hour and Dinner. The craziest part was that somewhere between Tampa and Cozumel we lost power and navigation (only for a few hour), but the boat was a rockin', and ugh worst feeling ever.

Now on to all the Ian updates. Where to start.....He loves having one on one time with his Nana and Apa while we were away. He was spoiled and got to bond with them! Everyday he takes their picture off the TV stand and says, " Nana and Apa where you go?" It so sweet and breaks my heart at the same time.  Speaking of that his vocabulary is HUGE. He is talking in broken sentences often, and understands way to much. My favorites lately are, " I don't want it", and "MMM delicious". He also can count to 20, say his ABC's, and identify circles, triangles, diamonds, and pentagons. Potty Training has been very loose, when he tells us he has to go we let him, and ask him every now and then. I will be working on this exclusively in 2 weeks when my finals are done. He still only has 6 teeth, and chews and bites his hands, the table, and my shoulder often.So that was the good, and bad, so now for the ugly.......About 4 weeks ago he started a few things I UNLIKE. I know y'all thought I think my son is perfect...NOT! So when going got bed at night he will not fall asleep unless I stay with him, rubbing his head or back. If I try to sneak out before he is asleep, it is a major hysterical breakdown. We have tried letting him cry it out, and I am just not that cold hearted after 30 min of screaming, screeching, hyperventilating, it;s just not worth it. Also most nights around 4-6 he wakes up in night terrors, and will not go back to sleep unless Mr. or I bring him to our bed. I know these are horrible habitats as parents, please don't judge untilness you have gone through it. Please comment if you have I am open to any suggestions please!!!

We have spend much of our summer playing at different parks in our neighborhood, meeting friends for lunch, swimming, taking adventure walks, feeding the fish and turtles, going to reading time at border's, painting, napping, seeing movies at the cinema, laughing, giggling, taking pictures (which I need to download), and eating lots and lots of ice pops,and watermelon!

As session with clients, and school are winding down, I am trying to make my best efforts challenging myself to blog at least once a week!

Here are a few pictures..I will post more when I get them transferred from one computer to the other and off my camera!

P.S. Isn't Ian getting so big? He is my little boy, and no baby anymore:(:)