Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day at Pass-A-Grille Beach

Mr. and I decided last minute that we needed a family vacation to the beach. So we went to our old stumping grounds St.Petersburg, and our favorite beach Pass-A-Grille. We had such a great time! Ian loved every minute of it! He loved exploring the beach, the water, sand and shells. He loved exploring the backyard first thing in the morning and getting his feet all muddy! We also found out that he likes Artichoke Spinach Dip from Green Iguana. He helped himself at the table, and didn't stop! Thank you Mr.!!!!

P.S. We did go on a NY vacation for my sisters graduation, I am lacking in the that post and pictures, I apologize. I also had 5 photos shoots while there and just finished editing them, and burning them on Cd's to ship out tomorrow! (That's my excuse) But I will post before Friday..things will be getting crazy after then...those posts coming soon as well...PROMISE!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

{Updates} on my life....

So much has been going on lately, that my head is just finally starting to stop spinning, or just about to spin again!  New and exciting updates:

  • Yes M'AM Photography keeps getting busier, and busier. I love it! Friday I have 20 kid sessions booked 15 min a part. YIKES!
  • I am a college students again! Yes I know, Am I crazy?...I am attending University of West Alabama, and will graduate in May with my Specialist Degree in Education. It's that degre between a Master's and a Docatorate, that means nothing more than a $5,500.00 salary raise, which my family can use.
  • Schools out for Summer. I could not be more excited. I have lots of fun activity and ideas planned for Ian and I so stay posted!!
  • Mr. and I will be crusing in 20 days. Our first vacation since our marriage, and having Ian. Ian will not be coming, which to me is bitter sweet. None the less, I am very excited!

Friday, May 13, 2011


What. A. Day. 

The morning started out with Ian's 18 month well check. It went great! Ian showed off all his skills for Dr. Ogden from all his manners, counting to 12, almost the whole alphabet, ect. After his interaction, and "chats" with Ian, he told us were doing an excellent job, and as far as his milestones go he is at a 2-2.5 year old! He currently weights 26 pounds, and is 33.5 inches tall. A++ Awesome!

Here is e-man 18 months old:

After that we headed off to a little community nestled in a nook of Georgia called Serenbe.

Serenbe  is 40,000 cres protected for green space. It was beautiful. Gourmet dinning, animal farms, hayrides, bonfires, canoeing, fishing, shops, studios, a very LARGE organic farm, and equestrian center.  It was definitely a community that was environmentally responsible, organically healthy, and spiritually and aesthetically stimulating!

We started our visit by eating breakfast at the

Ian had a peanut butter cupcake (he had oatmeal before his well-check, this was his reward for his A++), Mr. had french toast, and I had scrambled eggs, with sausage, and the best chai latte I have ever had! I tried to snap some photos of Ian here but he really did not want to sit still....

Next we moved on to some shops.....I feel in love with a mirror with a price tag of $575.00, it was that beautiful, and sadly it is still on the wall in the shop.

Lately I also been bored with my earth tan, brown, beige color palette in my living room, I want to bring in BRIGHT colors, and make it more happy. I have been on the look out and really had to look no further after today:
The chair complete with throw pillows. Again, the price was not right. After looking around a little bit we met "Steve", he showed us the Montessori school, which was a little piece of amazing! And spoke with me about the Charter school opening in the fall. In the middle of our conversation he walked me up 3 flights of stairs and introduced me to the principal who would like my resume and cover letter ASAP. (This is the back up plan if we cannot sell our house.) The new school will be amazing!!!!
Then we took in some sights:

and checked out real estate

Mr. knew it was coming, and he was very cooperative. I always complain that we have pictures of him, and Ian, and of Ian, but none of all of us, so he bought me a tripod for Mother's Day, and this was the perfect place to put it to us. None of the results are 100%, but it sure captures us as a family naturally!

Thanks Babe- your the best!

After this we walked around the farm area, Ian loved looking at the animals and making their noises. He was most proud to be my assistant, and carry the tripod, I hope he always wants to be helper!

Time for lunch...we headed to 'the hill'....all organic from the community. Mr. had a burger, I had chicken, and e-man ate French fries. Ian and I love dit, Mr. not a fan. (he is very picky)

 When we got home..Mr. realized that e-man felt hot, and so I monitored him, and after about 45 min, I knew something was up. I took his temp and it was 102. ugh. He slept for about an hour, took it again 103.2, double ugh. We gave him a bath, and some pedilite, and he did not want to leave his mommy. We laid on the couch and snuggled and Ian slept again. When he woke we gave him some medicine, and he finally ate a few goldfish, and 2 bits of his banana, and feel asleep again. His body feels cooler, but he is still moaning a lot. I hate when he is sick, I am sure all other mothers agree. You kinda feel helpless. I hate that he just keep saying ut oh, and couldn't explain what hurt. I wish I had a wand, and could make him all better. I was crying, and Mr. reminded me, that I was doing all I could do, and am a great mother. Hopefully he sleep's it off, and will be back to him old self tomorrow.

                                                         Have a great weekend Y'all!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bunking it Up

So Mr. and I have conversations all the time about our family. How big we want it, where we want to raise our kids, when I will be able to be a  stay at home mom, ect. One thing Mr. is clear on is that he wants a big family! When we first stated dating he wasn't sure he wanted kids, then he knew he did just wasn't sure when, then randomly he told me he was ready on a car ride home from NY, and then he declares: four kids, maybe more, but four is his magic number! I am OK with that, I love kids, and I would love having a big family! We often think how we would house four kids, and last night while we searching real estate in Vermont, we came across this:
I love it! The top picture, and Mr. assured me that when the 4th one is here, he will build this!!! I have to admit I am kinda excited about it!

How big is your family, or how big do you and your Mr.'s want your family?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I am usually not a person who "wants" alot, since Mr.'s hours have been cut for about 6 months, and we have had our son we have learned to prioritize between needs and wants, which I am actually grateful for becuase it has been a life lesson. Often times we want, want, want, without realizing, what others can live without. We take for grantite what we have. The lesson I have learned has been that material, and monatary "things" really don't matter at all, if you have the neccesities: shelter, food, and love!!!

With that being said, I am only human, and lately I have a few "wants". I am going to share them with you:

1. Currenly I would love a huge cup of coffee in the mug Mr. bought me on our first Vaelentine's Day together. I had meetings all morning, my students are at specials now, and I have meeting after school fro 4-8, so this would help alot!!

2. I WANT this sign to hang up in our house, I have a few places I can think of for it to hang, the kitchen, or Ian's playroom. I love it!

3. I want a new baby. A baby to add to our family. I have the fever. Mr. has the fever. We want to give Ian the best gift in the world, a little brother or sister. However, we must wait a few months. Y'all know I am a teacher, and so we are going to try to stratigicaly plan this to concieve during a certain time period, so I will be present for state exams, and use the last 6 weeks of school for maternity leave, and have the 9 weeks of summer off as well!

Now I know there are no guarentees, but there is HOPE!

4. I want Tin Roof Food. It's been way to long! A few items sound perfect right now, with an unsweet Arnold Palmer PLEASE!

A girl can be human right? So those are my current wants, what are yours?

Monday, May 9, 2011

We are FaMiLy...

Saturday was the last full day Mr's parents were in town. I asked my mother-in-law, Pat, and sister-in-law, Jen,  if they wanted to go to May Feast, Mr. hates that stuff, so I was excited to have the girls to go!! We brought the kids, and had agood tme. It was a little warm, but nothing Italian Ice couldn't cure. A  great little photography studio was having it's grand opening and snaped a shot of us, and I LOVE it! All the Momma's/Grandma have bright smiles, and the kiddos, well are the kiddos, and show personality!

Here it is:

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 2, 2011

and the winner is....

What a great Monday Morning!!! I am a winner! (Sorry for all of you who thought it may be by Photo Session Winners, you need to wait until Mother's Day!)

A big Thank You goes out to Kiley,Crafty Creations with Kiley! for giving me the Versatile Blog Award. I take a lot of pride in my blog, and it makes me happy to know others are enjoying it, so much that i received my 2nd award! Please take a look at her blog and maybe say Hello!

So these are the rules for the Award.


                                                         Versatile Blogger Award Etiquette:

Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.

Tell us seven things about yourself

Award fifteen recently discovered new bloggers. (Don't forget to contact them!)

Seven Things About Myself:
1. I recently just started my own business Yes M'AM Photography.
2. I love returning home after a long week away.
3. I love the idea of the Shine Project. I am going to be actively involved and start a project in my community!
3. I am obsessed with my son, I think he is cutest, smartest, most handsome funny little dude ever!
4. I teach 3rd grade at a title one school, it ha sit's challenges but I am rewarded everyday!
5. I love to be at the lake, on the lake, or near the lake, any lake any day, any time! It's so zen for me!
6. I miss my family in New York very much, but I will never move back to Lake Placid.

7. I sometimes slack at blogging, but when I return I always catch everyone up, life happens, and when it does I embrace it, and then blog!
I've become quite the blog stalker, and these 15 have seemed to really stick with me!

Hope you enjoy! Please take a look at those blogs! Maybe they'll inspire you too!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Y'ALL KnOw WhAt, I'm Back!

It's been too long. Way too long, 2 weeks too long. And I do apologize. I have been so wrapped dup in getting my photography business up and running that I have neglected and then there three. Shame on me, I hope I still have all my followers out there!

So where to start.......I'm BaCk, Y'ALL KnOw WhAt?

An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away.....Ian has been loving munchin' on apples lately!

and he loved searching for his Easter basket, except roe dog found it first!

We have also been enjoying the backyard uplift that Mr. gave us for Easter. Ian loved the water, swimming lesson start next month!

Mr.'s parents are hear visiting until Mother's Day. Sunday we spent at Lake Lanier and had a great time!

My nephew also had his first birthday party over the weekend! I stole him to put Yes M'AM Photography skills to work, and got a few great shots!

My Photography Website, Facebook Page, and business is up and running! I am so excited to be starting this new adventure...Yes M'AM Photography. Check out my website: Yes M'AM Photography, and my Facebook Page!

And last I will leave you with my little GQ: