Tuesday, July 13, 2010

8 months old!

Today Ian turned 8 months old!! I just LOVE this age-he is so much fun! Having been able to spend the last 4 weeks with him everyday and watching him grow, has been amazing! I have really got an insight to his personality, and I am so blessed.....curious, strong, funny, friendly, loving.....i'll stop bragging! At 8 months Ian:
  • Weighs 21 lbs- 68th percentile for BF babies.

  • Is 29 1/2 inches long- 92nd percentile for BF babies.

  • Still has no teeth.

  • Pulls up on everything- when I go to get him in the morning, he is standing up in his crib!

  • Makes it completely difficult to change his diaper/ cloths. I mean it's almost impossible!

  • Is still crawling all over, just much faster!

  • Loves ridin gin the car- he is out in a matter of minutes. Sleep almost all 21 hours to NY, sleep all the way to the cottage, and grandma/grandpa Murpy's. Then almost all 14 hours back home!

  • Doesn't have a problem with strangers- always smiles at whoever says hello to him!

  • Talks constantly- mostly, "Ma-Ma", and "Da-Da", although I am not sure he knows what they mean yet.

  • Can sign "Milk", and is working on "eat, more, no, and dog"

  • Working on sleeping through the night. Sleeps from 8:15-7:15, but still fusses a few times during the night.

  • He is CRAZY! He never sits still, ever! (My little monkey, I think I have a theme for his 1st birthday!)

  • Loves the water...he has become quite the little fish!

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