Friday, December 7, 2012

Brennan is 4...5...6....7.......8 months!

Brennan is a growing boy! I am convinced that he will be a Georgia Bulldog one day ,no doubt. Over the past 5 months I have no excuse for documenting his milestones other than life. I have been living and spending every spare moment just enjoying watching his brain cells grow and dance! I could go on about how life is busy, however I won't. I just want to be Thankful for all I have in life and how amazing it truly is.
So let's update and celebrate Mr. Bren-Man:

Between 4-8 months Brennan has come to.....

*Love Food. He barely eats purees and loves eating anything we are.

*Is still nursing, and I am still pumping, we plan this until his 1st birthday.

*Is no longer sleeping in the Arm reach Co-sleeper. He has his own room, and sleeps in his bed!

*Still does not sleep through the night. Every time we make progress the poor little bug gets an ear infection and it messes us all up.

*Has had 4 ear infections! HELL

*Still wears size 3 diapers.

*Still toothless

*Weighs in at 22 lbs.

*Has gone from rocking, to sitting up, and crawling all within 6-8 months.

*LOVES his brother. Nothing puts a smile on my face more than to see the 2 of them laughing, and playing.

*Smiles for is daddy in a way I can't explain in words.

*Is still the happiest baby on the block, hands down!

*Loves pulling my hair.

*Enjoys both the bath, and shower!

Brennan you have come int our life and completed our family. We are now 4, and I couldn't be a happier Momma. Your smiles, and easy going personality balance out our family and are very contagious. I can't wait to watch you grow more into a toddler, boy, gentleman, husband and father. You have the best big brother who is always looking out for you and showering you with love, and kindness. Your father is an amazing role model for what you should thrive to be. Keep growing Lil' Big Man, I love you!

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