Sunday, June 2, 2013

First Weekend of Summer...

Being a teacher allows me to have the entire summer off with my kids that's about 10 weeks, and still bring home income during the year. Kinda the best of both worlds in my opinion. So my first week off I spent being a Mad Scientist with Gwinnett County. So this weekend was my first official weekend of summer. Since January I have been running a 5K or maybe 2 a month. Ian is always asking to go, and this time I let him. We ran in the SuperCon Superhero Race benefiting a No Bullying Campaign. Ian, Bren, and I dressed up in our Superman gear and headed out! It was hot, but we had a great time. Sunday Mr. and I took the boys fishing for the first time. We caught a sunfish and catfish. Ian was scared of both, and Brennan Loved touching the fish. A great start to the first weekend of summer! How did you spend your weekend?


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