Monday, December 14, 2009

My New Life...

Ok so most of you know by now that I started a blog a while back, who am I kidding 2008 is more than a while, anyhow ..... I went to NY to see my sister and it got lost in the Adirondack Mountains somewhere......perhaps on Haystack, or Marcy, I'm not quite sure.....
I think I can say at this point this blog has evolved into a full-blown mommy blog. There are random tidbits of non-mommy related issues and events of the world thrown in as well.Basically, I am a new mom trying to document that ever changing job for myself, my child, my friends and family. These are strictly my opinions and rants. Please don't take them for more than that!!!
My New Life has started with the birth of Ian!! I am not going to back track and fill in all the boring details of my birth story ect. Although birth was not as hard and horrible as I imagined, Dan and I were laughing and joking all through labor!! I am going to start here with my new life.....married, with Ian at 2 months!!!

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