Thursday, June 3, 2010

Worst Blogger...and the winner is........

Me! Life...that really is my only excuse. It just got so busy.....and now is settled...SUMMER VACATION!!! I am promising myself to blog 2 times a week. One may only be pictures of what little man and I have been up to.

Please...let me bring you up to date without crazy busy lives.....

Ian is amazing everyday. HE is so darn happy, and smiles all day long, along with babbling and talking up a storm. He rolls everywhere and has the army crawl dawn packed, I can't wait for him to take off, he is fully sitting up on his own, and taking a big boy bath...which he loves FINALLY!!!! Daddy taught him how to splash, and now he loves baths. He also is holding himself on on his basketball net, and the ottaman.

The best he is sleeping through the night, now of course through the night to me i snot the same as everyone else, but he goes to bed about 8:00, wakes at 4:45 to nurse, and sleeps again until about 8!!!! to me that is 12 hours and I'll take it!!! The down side of this is that he rarely naps.

Goodbye to Mirror Lake Academy, and let me just tell you how much I hate daycare's! We are so blessed that Ms. Jennifer has an opening for us in her home in July!

My recap of Mirror Lake Horror....

I walked into the classroom one afternoon to find a little girl, screaming HYSTERICALLY in an exersaucer. We're talking - it took her a while to get like this - hysterical. One of the teachers is standing in the middle of the room, just staring at the poor girl... while the other is tidying up the cribs. She gets soo upset, that she starts choking. I guess this was enough to make one of the teachers finally pay her attention. So, after managing to contain my strong urge to yell "Why aren't you comforting her" to the teachers, I spot my sweet baby. He's sitting in a swing, in the corner of the room, by himself, staring at the ground. And, the swing isn't even turned on. Let me tell you - he looked so sad and pitiful, like he was just sitting there thinking about the good ole' days in his old class, where they actually interacted with him and paid him attention.

Seeing the sad look on his lonely face I immediate picked him up and was greeted by the most excited face of joy I've ever seen, almost like he was saying "Finally, you're here."I left the room, put Ian in the car, and called Dan crying. First, I feel that the crying baby HAD to have been upset for some time in order to have gotten to such a stage where she started choking. Second, I don't even want to think about how long my sweet boy had been sitting, all alone, in the corner by himself.

So I took it upon myself to speak with the Director (and, I'm totally okay with being "one of those moms") to let her know my concerns. And, in the meantime, you better believe we were looking for other means of daycare. Honestly, after that experience, I didn't want to leave him there the next day. I don't feel like I can trust them. But, we have no choice, so I've decided to just randomly stop by at lunch and have Ian's Auntie Dawn stop by as well, so that they know that I may very well be checking in on the love of my life at any second. I don't anger easily... until it comes to my baby.

NOBODY puts baby in a corner... in a swing... that isn't even turned on... nobody.

The Director was very interested in my concerns and assured me that she would speak to the teachers because - regardless of what was actually happening - a parent walking in to those situations is obviously going to leave with some concerns.

After this a few times I arrived to pick up Ian he was laying face planted on a mat, boogers all over his face, and spit up dried on him. AHH! Again I spoke with the Director. This repeated about 3 times.

The Last straw.....I arrive to pick up my sweet boy and......." He isn't feeling very well." "What's wrong?"...Well he has been coughing, and goo keeps coming out of his eyes for hours, he isn't sleeping." "Why didn't you call me?" "We figured you were on your way." On my way it was 5:30pm.

I called Ian's Dr right away, and after our visit, Pink eye in both eyes, double ear infection, and upper respiratory infection....Thank you Daycare....NOT.

RIP Mirror Lake Academy.

Ok now that that rant is over......

Let Summer Begin:)

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  1. Oh my god...horrible, just horrible! Thank god I didn't have those issues with Bailey's pre-school or I would have just been sick at my stomach. So glad you are able to put him in in-home daycare for the fall. I loved that Bailey spent her first 2 years in that in-home daycare environment. He will get so much attention!!!