Monday, October 18, 2010

No Cries, No tears, All Blood

In the past week Ian has had his first 2 accidents. I feel like a horrible Momma. First as I was cooking dinner and Dan was washing up dishes, Ian was playing with Mr. Riggs (our kitty), well Ian decided he could pull the kitty's tail....BAD IDEA......Mr. Riggs claws go out the cut his little finger...blood everywhere, you would of thought his whole finger was cut cries, no cries, from my brave boy. Then this morning as were getting ready to leave Ian trips over his new shoes......err......It was recomended to us not to put showes on Ian until he started walking, so this weekend it was time, got the new shoes...It's like learning to walk all over again. I should of known better, but I put them on anyhow. Two step later, BooM, baby down. Round 2: blood all over the place, but no cries, no tears. I can't describe how I felt seeing all that blood. But I do have one tough, brave little man!!!!
Over the weekend I also won the horible wife award......I accidentily washed Dan's cell phone in his pants. And he wasn't upset about the phone, he was upset that his first pictures of took of Ian were on that phone. So horrible Mom, and Wife award all in a weekends time.
On a happier note...Monday is over, and my baby loves him some applesauce!!!

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