Saturday, October 23, 2010


Even from before the moment I knew we had conceived, I knew I wanted to breastfeed my child. I had heard the horror stories, and the stories of pure joy. For me it was knowing that I was providing the most nutritious source of vitamins, minerals, and nourishment for my child.

The first few weeks were pure hell, and I didn't think I would nurse past 4 weeks. That was my first goal. With the support and encouragement from my dad and husband the first 2 weeks, I keep going, and week after week it became easier, or maybe it was just more intuitive, natural, lovable, beautiful, joyous, just an unspoken language between Ian and I.

When Ian was 9 months old, he slowly started self weening himself from momma. At first it was from the daytime nursing, then the morning nursing to finally by 10 months, his bedtime nursing. This tore me up. I think because I didn't realize what a special time, and bond that was had between the two of us during these nursings. Slowly I excepted it, and just kept on expressing milk for him.

Now at 11 months 2 weeks, I am retiring the pump. I have enough stored in the freezer to last the remaining 2 weeks until Ian is 1 year old. So I have a retiring speech, list or remembrance:
  • Giving the son the best nutrition possible.

  • Burning 500 extra calories everyday.

  • No extra luggage on trips.

  • Feeling special because I am giving him something no one else can.

  • Soothing him without any toys or pacifiers.

  • Take no time to prepare for mealtime.

  • Mandatory snuggling throughout the day.

  • Pride in my husband's eyes.

  • Trust in my son's eyes.

  • Contended baby smiles when he is happy and full.

  • Mommy-Baby closeness.

  • Lots of love.

  • Coming home from work and reconnecting.

  • Watching Ian grow and know it was all coming from me.

  • Knowing that the cure for anything that ailed my son was available and accessible 24 hours a day.

  • The nice bonus of diapers that don't stink to high heaven.

Goodbye Sweet In Style...until next time

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