Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Energy and Inspiration

Over the week end I had the honor of attending The Great American Teacher Awards, and visit the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Ga. Although I was not a great American teacher finalist, I hope to be one day. The ceremony honored the 5 finalist, and gave other teacher a peek into their classrooms, and teaching styles. One thing all these finalist had in common was surely their energy and passion. It was an exciting and magical night, and yes I did sit about 10 rows in front of Cynthia from Real House Wives of Atlanta, and yes Tony Danza was there and presented the Teacher of the Year her award, but what I am most excited about when leaving the ceremony was the passion that was re-lite insight my heart. Students from the Ron Clark academy performed the song: "Just The Way You Are ". After listening, with tears in my eyes, I was reflecting deeply. The past week in my classroom my passion , and energy were gone. I was frustrated, and sour. I know this reflected on my students, and it happens to the best of us, bless my heart. So as I was enjoying my Merlot from the open bar-yes open bar! I felt so guilty. I am the only person these students can rely on day in and day out. They look up to, in short I am their everyday hero, and this past week, I failed miserably. Saturday morning, I got to attend the Ron Clark academy, and observe many different classes, teachers, and teaching styles. Again their was a common theme: energy and passion. I am not going to bore you with my epiphanies, I just wanted to get this down on paper that I am so inspired, hopeful, joyf ul, and reminded of my desire to strive to change the world. "No fear, Dream Big!"-RCA Ican't wait to see my kiddos after break and greet them with energy and passion. Thank you to the 5 finalist for teacher of year, Ron Clark, and his whole staff for the inspiration, and reminder of my energy and passion!

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