Tuesday, November 9, 2010

{Random Acts of Kindness}

Ahhhhhh!!!!! Errrrr! My sister flew into Charlotte today. When she arrived she was suppose to a rental car all ready for her to drive to Atlanta. (Her and my 2 nephews are visiting for a week!) No car. And the Representatives at the rental place were nothing but rude to her. So she is on the curb in a city she is unfamiliar with crying her eyes out with 2 little boys, and luggage. A nice women came up and gave her a tissue, and asked if she could help. What a nice act of kindness. Maybe the Customer Representative should of been so nice. In the end she got the car, and is on her due to arrive at 5:11 (according to the GPS)...I am not sure sure that GPS factors in Atlanta Rush Hour. My point of this post is to remind you to treat others the way you would want to be treated, and that random acts of kindness can make someones day. Thanks you to the random women who calmed my sister down, and get her on her way!!

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