Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Y'all KnOw WhAt?....{a few days late}

I'm back! Spring Break is over.....So Y'aLL KnOw WhAt?

  • Only 7 weeks until summer break!
  • We are about 85% Potty Trainned!
  • My sister and best friend turns 29 this week!
  • Ian is learning to swim in the tub! We say, "Ian swim Kick"...and he flips on his belly, lifts up with his arms, and kicks like a mad man!
  • Ian is very attached to Mommy after having a week with me, he is a crying mess in the morning at Ms. Jennifer's. It breaks my heart. Only 7 more weeks.
  • I had 2 photo shoots over my Holiday, and they went well. I am learning a lot, and finding that sometimes the less edit the better the picture, I need to stop editting so much.
  • I started a facebook page for my photography business: Yes M'AM Photography.
  • This week is huge for me in learning and growing Yes M'AM Photogrpahy: Saturday I will  be, may be, hope to be tagging along with Mike Edde from Beacon Photography , Sunday I have a 6 hour photography class, and Monday night a a class focused on specifically photgraphing children!!!
  • I would be on day 67 of P90x if I didn't stop at day 33, when my life got a little crazy and busy. Today I am on day 2- bring it!
  • I'm glad to be back at school, an dmy kiddos are doing great review for our state exams that are in 9 days. N-I-N-E, I am nervous.
  • Ian and I went to library time at the public library last week. He had a great time! I am so happy that he has a love for books, and loves to be read to, and "read" to us.
  • I planted a whole new garden in our front yard, its bright, and beautiful and I love it!
  • Over Spring break we also went to a new park, and played with Ian's friend Hayden, she is a doll!
Until next week.....................here is some of our spring break fun!

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