Sunday, April 17, 2011

Y'all KnOw WhAt?

It's Sunday again! This week just flew by for me. After a month of Y'all KnoW What? I have been getting great stats on this post. So now it's time for YOU to link up, and join in! Here is where it came from: Every morning I start my day off with my 24, 3rd graders in a circle at the front of the room. Everyone gets a turn and no one can pass. It goes like this..."y'all know what?" (student  or teacher sharing), "WHAT?" (everyone replies)...and then they share one thing! I am going to bend the rules just a smige for this post, and every Sunday post ...and share little updates from the week, I would love for you to join in,  It's simple click at the end of the post, and add your entry. New this week is adding an inspirational photo at the bottom. Have fun, and invite your friends. It's a great way to recap the highlights of your week, and give a sneak peek of what's coming up!

 I am at it again so here I go....

Y'all KnOw WhAt?

  • Last week I knew I needed to get back on track with my weight loose goal. I have been motivated to do this for more than one reason: In June we will be going crusin' on Carnival to Cozumel to attend the wedding of our best friends, There is NO reason that I should be carrying this much belly fat...I have always been the girl with wider hips, and big booty Judy, however with a flat stomach..and I want it back, Mr. and I would like to start trying for our second child around July, and if I was healthier and in shape it Will make getting my body back after much easier, and I overall just feel better about myself, and life when I am comfortable in my own skin. So last Sunday I kicked it into gear...I restarted P90X, and cleaned up my sweets/sugars/potato chips ect, and no breads, but continued WW. Now I am eating natural sugars in fruits/veggies ect, and some carbs in other things such as brown has paid off!!! 4 pounds gone!!! I am at my wedding weight! The best part...I am not even craving sweets/breads!
  • Ian is on a Mommy kick. He hates when I leave, wants me to be playing, reading, cuddling with him all the time. It is so precious but at the same time exhausting. For the longest time Ian said about 35 words including Daddy, and never Mommy, Mom, Momma..well on occasion, the last week it's clear as day and none stop, "MOmmy, Mo my, Mommy!" Music to my ears!
  • We had at least 1 successful poo in the potty on Ian's own EVERY day this week!
  • I have a 6 hour photography class today, that I am looking forward to, and dreading all at the same time.
  • I am going Rock Climbing with my 3rd graders tomorrow, and can't wait!
  • In 4 weeks I will be in my hometown visiting family, and friends, and celebrating my little sisters graduation!
  • I started Following The Shine Project! begin. explore. create. SHINE. It is a simple challenge every week to make your life or the lives of others around you Shine. On  Fridays you link up, and share how you accomplished your challenge. I love it! Check it out, and even if you don't link up, challenge yourself! You will make yourself and the world a better place.
  • One week from today is favorite Holiday: Mr. purposed to me on Easter, and the day just makes me smile and giddy thinking about it.
Have a great week!

P.S. I am going to start ending Y'all KnOw WhAt with a inspirational photo for the week, with no words, just let it inspire you as it may!

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  1. My son has been on a mommy kick too. It's funny because he just learned how to say "dada" so that's what he says all day long, but it's mommy he really wants lol

  2. You've been awarded! Visit for details!