Saturday, August 13, 2011

End of Summer

Summer Vacation is officially over- well it was last Sunday for me. School started on Monday, and exhausted me all week! I do have a great class this year- which is very refreshing! They are a bit "chatty" but I'll take it over behavior issues. I have missed there silly favorites from this week...."Mrs. Murphy, I'm R rated"....."really?"...."yeah a rich man", and "well my dog I was tickling him last night and he peed all over me like squirt out in a stream pee". Oh my...they say the craziest things.

Things around the house have been very relaxed in a crazy way. When I say relaxed I mean it's a mess. I have no picked up, wiped down the bathrooms, or dusted in 2 weeks. Upon walking in you may not think it's a mess but to me..ugh. It has been crazy because it's back the commute schedule which includes waking at 5:30, dropping off E-man at 6:30 driving an hour and 15 min to work, working 8 hours, picking up E-man between 5:30-6 depending on traffic, home, cook dinner, play, bath, read books, bed, mommy shower, bed, repeat. Whewh. I hope the day when I can stay home, and only do photography happen much sooner than later.

Ian is growing like a weed! He is finally going to sleep at bedtime without Mommy or cries or fits! He is talking in sentences, and has become quite sassy at times. I guess the terrible twos are starting slightly early. He is so much fun, and so silly. We laugh all the time. He is also saying "I'm Sorry" at all the right times, and is sincere, which I love it is so sweet, he even says it to the dog, and the cars in the publix parking lot as we walk in because he thinks we are in there way.

Photography is going well, and is still coming in waves. I am learning so much, and growing with even shoot I do. I have a few today I am pretty excited about! I am also running my first marketing ad. I will reveal where and what it looks like in a few weeks!

Have a great weekend Y'all!

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  1. I'm glad you have a great class this year. We started inservice/professional development this week and will have a few days this upcoming week. Then, we have students! It's so hard to adjust your routine when school starts back. I know my house suffers most. Your kiddos at school say some hilarious things! Have a great weekend!