Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lala Land...

..if I ever opened my own homeschooling school, or daycare I would call it Lala land! Lala because that is what my nephews call me and I think it is so sweet, and Land because it just makes it fun! Some parents may be hesitate by the name, and others may run to it, but it's fitting.

Today I had my niece over so that she could play with Ian for day, and we could also have some quality time together. After the day I must say that I have oodles of respect for all daycare providers. I had an agenda set, but man was it exhausting, fun, but I was in bed at 8:45 right after Ian feel asleep all on his own, we were both tuckered out.

We started our morning with a gourmet breakfast of toaster strudel and banana, and Auntie Melissa had a large cup of coffee. Next we got in our swim suits and headed outside. We took full advantage or the swimming pool, sandbox, trampoline, and adventure hill. Ian and Hailey would jump so much in the trampoline, and fall laughing so hard, it was precious. They also spotted the moon, and for about 10 min straight kept calling, "Come on Moon, Come on!" They were demanding the moon come down and play with them. After that they took an adventure climbing and rolling down the large hill in our backyard. Next we got out the crayons, and colored pictures. Are you tired yet?  Me too. After that we returned inside to have some juice, and graham crackers, while watching and dancing to Barney. We played buses,a nd trains, and hide and seek.

Next Hailey was interested in my camera, so we had Ian "pose" for us as she sat on my lap, and snapped pictures of him! Again, they were laughing so hard...we may also have a future photographer on our hands, I think I know what I am getting her for Christmas!

So even though my living room looked like this.....

I wanted to make paint projects with intentions included these cuties.......                            
110.jpg 400×400 pixels                                           handprint tutu

However Ian and Hailey clearly had other intentions.....

*FYI for my sister in law...Hailey threw a fit when Ian had Cars pull-ups, and she did not, so I gave in and let her wear cars, I told her she couldn't get the car wet or full or poo poo, and she agreed!

Some may flip over this mess, but they are just kids, and I am firm believer that sometime you just have to let kids be kids. Messes can be cleaned!

After this we ate lunch, and watched Cars. Hailey feel asleep for 3 hours while Ian took the barrette out of her hair, and put it in mine, saying, "Pretty". When Hailey woke up we again went outside and jumped don the trampoline, and played in the sandbox.

It was nice having someone for Ian to play with, and have fun. It sure would make thinks easier on me if he had a playmate all the time, so it's not Mommy, Mommy, Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmy.

And just because they are so darn cute.....

Would you send your kiddos to Lala Land?

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  1. Looks like you had tons of fun. Deespite the 3 hour nap Hailey was exhausted. I'll have to pick her up some Cars pull ups!