Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let's Play......

Catch up!

I know that it has been awhile and I promised my readers and myself that it would not be this long along for more than one reason, however, I am only one girl trying to keep my stress low with 10,000 things going on, and in no way shape or form am Supergirl. So here are some updates, all words (sorry), I will add a picture catch up addition over the weekend, so stay tuned!
Family- We have lots of family that will be coming to visit in the next few months! We are very excited about this, and we can’t wait for them to arrive!
Mr.- Is awesome as always! He is working hard around the house on my honey do list before baby Brennan arrives. His patience, and love for Ian is so admirable, I couldn't ask for a better dad for my boys! He surprised me with a beautiful necklace for my birthday, and made me cry!
Ian- Is testing us like crazy, and smart as a whip! He says the funniest things, and is Mr. Goof. He loves sports, fruit, and hide and go seek (although he always jumps out and says, "I’m right here", before you find him. He has a new big boy room, and a new sleeping buddy, Monroe. It is so cute how he calls the dog in for nite-nite. He is also saying, "Y’all". Mr. and I were brushing our teeth Monday morning and he came in put his little chin on the sink in-between us and said, "whatcha y'all doin?"...Mr. and I both started laughing so hard. At night we read before bed, and he has "memorized" his favorites but thinks he can read, Mr. and I will start to read, and he will put his little hand out, say stop, and read to us! He is currently the biggest helper, and very independent. I hope this helps him take on his big brother role in the upcoming weeks. His manners continue to make me proud every day. Please, thank you, your welcome, bless you. We are currently working on saying, "No Thank You", in place of “No", or "I don't want it."
Baby Brennan- Is a growing machine, and should arrive in about 4 weeks. I can't to meet him, and see what he looks like. I can't wait for Ian to have a brother, and lifelong friend. He likes to stretch out which is getting quite painful due to lack of room. He doesn’t kick my ribs like Ian used to which I am very grateful for. I have currently gained 20 lbs, wear maternity everything, have been craving sweets, kiwi, and mango.
Mommy- Is growing by the day and super excited to meet Brennan. Is exhausted from working on Specialist grad work, and cannot wait to never have to take another class or write another paper again, this has been taking up much more of my time than I would like it to. I have a new hate for research, and dissertations. I am now 31! I had a great birthday weekend in Florida at our best friend’s house celebrating Gasparilla, and eating dinner at the Columbian! In June my sister is getting married which I am very excited about, but also filled with Joy that all my best girlfriends (Jessica, Jennie, Krista, Amanda, Kelly, and hopefully Dana) will be in town and we get to mingle, and meet all the new babies, and hopefully hear of more new babies on the way!
Photography- Is slow, but that is on my part. I have been far too busy to even put time, and effort into advertising, and updating my website. Hopefully while on maternity I can give it some TLC, and be back in gear for the summer.
Location- Mr. and I are done with Villa Rica. We love the small town, and friends we have made but it's not convenient for our family any longer. We are currently in between 2 options and hopefully in the next few weeks will know which one we will endear. I'm not making any bog announcements yet because it is still all up in the air but it will either be relocating out of state, or relocating to the Lake Lanier area so our daily drive time is much less than 4 hours in commuting:)

Happy Leap Day Y'all!

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