Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ianisms take II

Oh My Word....the things that come out of this boys mouth crack me up, and amaze me everyday!

Here is an update....

-I was laying in Ian's Big Boy Bed (more on that later) for bedtime and we were reading. As stops me and says, "Mommy, I farted." "It's ok- what do you say?" "cuse me". I continue to read on.....he stops me again, "Mommy.." "Yes dear?".." My fart popped."  Off to the potty we went. (more on potty training later as well!)

-"Ian let's go brush teeth! Time for Nite-Nite!" I announce.
 "No Nite-Nite Mommy, Cuddle!"
"Ian let's go brush teeth please."
"Brush teeth, and cuddle p-please?"
"Ok after you brush your teeth."
"Cross your heart." ( I was a little taken off guard, where did he learn this?)
"Cross my heart buddy!"
(Our cuddle time was spent watching "Up" and wouldn't you know the first part of the movie the little girl says.."Cross your heart. Cross it!")

-Ian was laying on my belly and felt his brother kick him..."Whoa momma"....
"That was your brother, he kicked you!"
"No my brother is Caleb!" (Caleb is his best friend at daycare.)

-Ian was waking from a nap and cried,
"Yes baby, I'm right here."
"I'm sorry."
"For what honey?"
" I peed in mommy's bed."
(I told him it was ok accidents happen, and he helped get all the bedding in the laundry. He took an almost 3 hour nap, which he never does, I guess shis bladder was not used to that!)

Love Him!

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