Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Silly Ian

Ian has kinda been MIA from here lately at least I feel that way because Brennan is such the center of attention..but don't let it fool you that I haven't been writing about him because he is still my silly boy full of love and life posing for my camera! Since all the photos I've been taking of Brennan he got a little jealous one afternoon and this was the result:

Then there was our afternoon of getting Mr.'s Father's Day Present Photos:

We have also been hiking lots! Ian seems to love it, Brennan sleeps, and Mr. and I get some peace and exercise!

Ian is such a great big brother who is always willing to help out in anyway he can. He loves letting his brother hold his hand, gives him kisses, tell him it's gonna be alright, sings you are my sunshine, shares his toys, and makes him smile! I love this boy to pieces, and to the moon and back of course!

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