Friday, June 20, 2008

a nod to sunscreen and flossing

I'm drunk on Patron that's been filtered through a watermelon and subsequently mixed over a frozen margarita. I had to disclose this, so what's to follow will make sense to someone. This all came after I drove home from Atlanta, after having dinner and drinks with my girlfriends I had not seen in 3 weeks. Conversation started about "What we wish we knew then, that we do now"...... I was sitting here wondering what would I say, if I could, to my younger self. You know, if we went for drinks at a Mexican joint (this place, Rosa Mexicano, Atlantic Station, is hardly a joint), and I began a sentence with, "Okay, there's something you should know..." what would follow? See, it's easy to tent a blanket of "don't take life so seriously" on it, but that's like telling someone to "just relax". The words are there, we hear them, but they don't make us feel any differently. It's too easy. It's lazy advice. If I could I would only say be like Job, he was always faithful no matter what was thrown at him, and was just a great guy. People looked at Job when he was wealthy and healthy and said he was a righteous man, and likewise did the Lord.

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