Wednesday, June 18, 2008

StraIGHT Up...MeLiSsA

So now that I am married...I guess I am move on from Journal Writing, Prayer Journals, MySpace Blog, and just write on a blog....I mean it is 2008 right. So to open it just a little bit about me and then I swear they will be more interesting and upbeat. I really love some of my old stuff so that may find its way back here, more elaborated.

Here it goes...............
When I write something brilliant, I actually kiss the screen (okay, sometimes I lick it). There is nothing I derive more pleasure from than writing. Okay, seex and food so don't count. My job. Touching bark, grass stains, campfires, fireflies, swings.Blender foamed hot chocolate with real marshmallows.Lit fireplaces, playing board games, smartwool socks. Manicures, a great blow out, the perfect outfit in its bag waiting for the evening, shoes still boxed. Losing the used to be's, train rides, strangers, quilting, my nephews. My legs after I exfoliate, grapefruit lotion in summer, rose oil in winter, memories of climbing into bed with my parents. Tea sandwiches, cucumber ice water, lavender eye mask, Egyptian cotton robe, slippers. Singing in the car, cream cheese frosting, convertibles, bing cherries, lemonade stands, awnings, rosemary, vegetable gardens, sprinklers, jelly jars, Italian signs, linen. Driving for ice cream, ballgames and frankfurters, picnics, upstate to watch the leaves. Jersey tomatoes, vodka sauce. Finding things in common, soup, movie hopping, wine tastings. Witty slang, Starbucks with Todd and Kristen, when Danny takes out his balls, girls nights, im chats with Pete. Recipes with Mom, Phone calls from old friends you thought were gone, Artichokes with drawn butter( The best in Utah), Room service, well-done French fries, blueberry picking, doing nothing.Returning home after a week away, speaking to Monroes' belly and kissing her bald spot.High thread count sheets, gerbas by the bed, naps, the smell of beer can roasted chicken.Laughing until it pisses everybody off, tasting menus, dinner parties, thoughtful gifts. Wine. Personalized stationery, calligraphy, piano bars, children's books, finger painting, Lego's.Fresh cut fruit in a bowl in my fridge, watching lifetime movies, my bed.Christmas music year-round (my favorite: baby it's cold outside), old-fashioned grilled cheese sandwiches, Parlors. Spicy nachos from the movie theatre, girlie movies, Evo's, the Fall.B eing sore from too much seex, having faceburn from his stubble after a day of kissing. Chicken pot pie, Champagne, Christmas time. Cooking for people who love to eat, butterscotch pudding, cookbooks, honey. Silver stars, Garters, Nervenkitt Jewelry, my teeth, thanksgiving, ribbons in my hair. MONROE. Blender drinks, tall drinking glasses, rectangular plates, garnish, mini hamburgers, playing Cranium, cookouts, clambakes on the ocean, cokctail hour, banana curls, letters, when he calls, listening to songs on repeat, meatballs, my humus, staring, compliments, pixie dust, sleeping bags, acoustic guitar, crying, breathing, sitting on the floor in a meeting, being able not to care and saying it, caring, a new toothbrush, boat rides, skinny dipping, fishing, being able to keep adding to this list, being me.

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