Monday, September 13, 2010

10 months!

Can you believe it? I am still in shock. My little man turned 10 months today. He brings smiles, laughter, joy, peace, and so much love to my life. He continues to amaze me everyday!

At 10 months, Ian:

  • Weights 22 pounds
  • Wears size 12-18 month cloths

  • Drinks about 30oz of pumped milk a day, and eats 3 full meals
  • Clasps his hands together all the time with the biggest smile on his face on his own, and when we say, "YAY"

  • Signs more, and milk.
  • Waves hello, and goodbye.
  • Still has no teeth. None.

  • Pulls up, and stands on everything!
  • Stands by himself for long periods of time!

  • Is walking as long as he has something to hold onto, I believe it's called, "cruising". Can take about 5 steps along without falling.

  • Loves waffles, pasta, and cheese! He is his mommas boy!

  • Gets very upset when he is told, "no, no". It breaks his little heart.
  • When you hold up the letter "A" or say "A", he will make the sound it makes, so cute
    Ian's personality continues to shine everyday! He is very independent, and curious about everything! I love you Ian!

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