Monday, September 20, 2010

Mineral Bluff

Over the weekend our friends invited us to stay at their family cabin at Mineral Bluff in the Blueridge Mountains-Papa Bear's Den. It was an amazing cabin nestled literally on a mountainside. We attended the Festival of the Rails, and took a nice little train ride, went to Mericer's Orchard and went Apple picking, visited the town of Blueridge, and went shopping in all the unique little shops, oh and had the best tasting fried green tomatos at the Whistle Stop Cafe. This all sounds amazing right....all except for the fact that at 7:00am on Saturday morning Monroe (our curious stubburn, Jack Russel) decides to escapes through the cabin door, and have her own little adventure in the mountains. After calling and calling her, and her running futher, and futher away, I burst into our room crying hysterically sobbing to my Mr. that she was gone forever and would be lunch for the wolves and bears. After about 2 hours- Mr. pulls up in a starnge car with Monroe in hand. He had to hitch hike back to the cabin. After all that his fishing weekend also ended with no fish. Sorry Mr. But Ian and I hade a great time!!!

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