Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stop. Look. Read.

Blogger may just break down after this post, it's been so long. Let me first by saying that I am on Summer Vacation, so let's just say so is my blog. I am going to try to catch you up short and sweet. So here it goes....

First let's discuss Yes M'AM Photography.  I started my business in February, and have learned so much in the past 6 months. I have invested din lots of fun props, new branding which will be delivered in 10 days and I will share picture when my package arrives, and also a new lens! I finally set up a PayPal account, and invested in a new computer!! The summer started off very busy, and has slowed down to almost nothing which makes me sad. However I have put no money into advertising and am just building on word of mouth as of right now. So if you have family of friends in the Metro Atlanta Area, send them my way!

Next...University of West Alabama is kicking my ass! Yes, if you missed this information I am back in school. I am working on my specialist degree in Education, which will lead into my PhD. It is very interesting, and I am gaining lots of knowledge......and honestly it's not even that hard, just time consuming. I am spending about 20 hours a week currently, and when School starts back in a few weeks,and I am preparing lesson plans on top of that, I am going to have to do some juggling and adjusting.

Mr. and I went on a cruise to Cozumel to celebrate the marriage of our best friends. Congratulations Dale and Amanda Funk!!! We had a great time! I balled my eyes out when I Left Ian, and all the way onto the ship, then I was fine, and did relax and enjoy myself. I think my favorite part was being able to nap for a few hours every afternoon before Happy Hour and Dinner. The craziest part was that somewhere between Tampa and Cozumel we lost power and navigation (only for a few hour), but the boat was a rockin', and ugh worst feeling ever.

Now on to all the Ian updates. Where to start.....He loves having one on one time with his Nana and Apa while we were away. He was spoiled and got to bond with them! Everyday he takes their picture off the TV stand and says, " Nana and Apa where you go?" It so sweet and breaks my heart at the same time.  Speaking of that his vocabulary is HUGE. He is talking in broken sentences often, and understands way to much. My favorites lately are, " I don't want it", and "MMM delicious". He also can count to 20, say his ABC's, and identify circles, triangles, diamonds, and pentagons. Potty Training has been very loose, when he tells us he has to go we let him, and ask him every now and then. I will be working on this exclusively in 2 weeks when my finals are done. He still only has 6 teeth, and chews and bites his hands, the table, and my shoulder often.So that was the good, and bad, so now for the ugly.......About 4 weeks ago he started a few things I UNLIKE. I know y'all thought I think my son is perfect...NOT! So when going got bed at night he will not fall asleep unless I stay with him, rubbing his head or back. If I try to sneak out before he is asleep, it is a major hysterical breakdown. We have tried letting him cry it out, and I am just not that cold hearted after 30 min of screaming, screeching, hyperventilating, it;s just not worth it. Also most nights around 4-6 he wakes up in night terrors, and will not go back to sleep unless Mr. or I bring him to our bed. I know these are horrible habitats as parents, please don't judge untilness you have gone through it. Please comment if you have I am open to any suggestions please!!!

We have spend much of our summer playing at different parks in our neighborhood, meeting friends for lunch, swimming, taking adventure walks, feeding the fish and turtles, going to reading time at border's, painting, napping, seeing movies at the cinema, laughing, giggling, taking pictures (which I need to download), and eating lots and lots of ice pops,and watermelon!

As session with clients, and school are winding down, I am trying to make my best efforts challenging myself to blog at least once a week!

Here are a few pictures..I will post more when I get them transferred from one computer to the other and off my camera!

P.S. Isn't Ian getting so big? He is my little boy, and no baby anymore:(:)

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