Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer, Summer, Summertime!

Only 2 week left of the summer before I have return to school for pre-planning. We have been super busy, and will stay that way until Aug. 1st when I have to return. I have enjoyed the hot hot summer with my silly little man, and wish that I could stay home with him forever....but financially that i snot possible quite yet, but someday sooner than later!

Y'all know what?

1. I have one more final to take Wednesday and I am off from UWA for 3 weeks! YAhooooo!

2. Ian is making progress in sleeping. I do no have to lay with him anymore for him to fall asleep, I can sit about 4 feet away from his I said progress. He is still waking between 3-6 and coming into my room to "cuddles hugs", until we wake up.

3. We, well Ian and I are heading home to Lake Placid, NY Wednesday to visit family! Super Happy and Excited!

4.I love my new lens, but business has still been slow...I'm ok with that for now.

5. This is what we have been up to.................

Starting from the top left going clockwise....
  •  Visiting Borders for story time, and when it's rainy out. Ian loves the books with Wheels.
  • Rock Jumping on the Chattahoochee River.
  • Wearing daddy's Underwear as our shirt and telling Mommy, "I did it!"
  • Hanging out with Camille at Ms. Jennifer's while Mommy writes papers
  • 5&6. More rock hopping!
  •  More Camille playtime.
  • Going to the dollars movies at Regal...Ian always get this looks just as the lights go off and the screen comes on!
  • Wearing bowls as hats! Newest Fashion!
  • Drawing lots with sidewalk chalk.
  • Riding Big Trucks with Avery, and Caleb!
  • Water balloons Galore!
  • Play dates with Mommy's teachers friends! Isn't Caroline so precious!

6. Ian has become Mr. Independent..he wants to pick out his own cup, plates, silverware, pour his own juice and milk, pick his snack, and dress himself.

7. Our cats name is Riggs, however Ian has always called him "cat", until last week, he knew calls him "Cracker", and we have no idea why, but it cracks Mr. and I up!

8. Ian is also currently talking with multiple verb tenses.." I pop", and if we don't take him serious, "I pooping", followed by.."I pooped, guck, nasty". Oh lord.

9. I'm excited to start a new school, and meet my new class!

10. I have to be awake at 5:45 am tomorrow, to have a play date with my I must go to sleep.

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