Thursday, March 24, 2011

he's an {all-star}

It's no joke, my son loves balls. His first word was actually 'ball'! Soccerballs, Footballs, Tennis Balls, Basketballs, Golf Balls, Kick Balls, all of them! He is growing so fast, and soon I think the green/brown/bunny rabbit gender neutral nursery we created for him just won't do. So I have been looking around for inspiration and of course Pottery Barn has it:

Love them! love the chalkboard headbaord, with the basketball hoop, and net full of balls, all of Ian's favorite balls. I love th red and blue, the roman shades, the black and white photo of the basball player ( I would like to get a photos of Mr. and Grandpa Murphy in uniform, print in black and white, and add.)

I think Ian would love it, don't you?


  1. I don't want to burst your pottery barn bubble, but as a mom of two older boys I do want to point a few things out...
    Everyone else has the same bedding for their first boys! Our parents bought boy #1 a pottery barn bed set (trucks, I think) and we were so excited. We had all the accessories too. Then we realized that his room look like everyone's. What a bummer.
    And the quality of the sheets was icky- not soft at all, the the comforter wasn't very warm for the winter.
    The paint on his furniture also chipped off SO quickly. It was a big let down.
    We went in a different direction the second time around, and searched all over for more original bedding sets that were a better quality. We opted for solid sheets that had a high thread count, decorated shams, and awesome comforters. We also got cool throw pillows.

  2. Hi, from MBC. I like the pottery barn furniture. Your blog is so cute!
    Happy Decorating.

  3. Super cute room - we put chalkboard paint in my son's room and he loves it!

    Anyway, following from Mom Bloggers Club. Would love for you to stop by and say hi at