Sunday, March 6, 2011

Y'all KnOw WhAt?....what?}

Every morning I start my day off with my 24, 3rd graders in a circle at the front of the room. Everyone gets a turn and no one can pass. It goes like this..."y'all know what?" (student  or teacher sharing), "WHAT?" (everyone replies)...and then they share one thing! I am going to bend the rules just a smige for this post, and every Sunday post from now on...and share little updates from the week, I would love for you to join in, and check back next week to link up!

Y'all know what?.......{"wHaT?"}

1. It's Sunday and that makes me sad. I hate when the weekends are over.
2. One of my childhood bestfriends is currenlty in labor and delivery and I could not be more excited for her, and to find out her new son's name.
3. I had a great weekend with Mr. and Ian. We spent all Saturday hangin' at home playing, cuddling, laughing, eatting, and being straight up goofs. Sunday we made delicious cinnamon french toast and loaded it with whip cream! We also celebrated Bailey's 5th birthday at Chucky Cheese:)
4. I love spending time with family and Saturday night I got to hangout with my neice and nephew. They are so much fun!
5. I lost 2 pounds this week, despite the fact that I only worked out 3 times instead of six.
6. I realized that I am not super women and cannot do everything I have dished myself on my plate. I will do my best to do it all but if I don't in one day I will not beat myself up over it. Motto of the week: Do your best-forget the rest!
7. I have made the final decison on a name for my aspiring photography business: Yes M'AM Photography. Southern, Fun, and M"AM are my intials. Significance all wraped into it!
8.I am going to stop at eight simply becauseit's my favorite number!

As always a few pictures from the weekend:

Mr. Face himself:

Snap Shots of my Neice and Nephew:



  1. YAY FOR #2! Teehee! I can't wait to know his name either (they changed it from the name I had once known haha)

    Also, LOVE your photography name, so cute! I agree about the "too much on the plate" syndrome. I think the acronym for that is MOM.

  2. What an adorable little guy! He looks so much like my Caleb did at that age. Will have to dig up some old pics and post them. That should be fun!

    Anyway following you from the Mom Bloggers Club post. Come by and visit!

  3. Love the photo of your little guy's silly face! Precious! I need to have your motto printed on a poster--Do your best--forget the rest! Amen!!! Best of luck with your photography business. We're having professional photos taken on Saturday. I'm excited and stressed out all at the same time. I hope the boys cooperate.