Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bunking it Up

So Mr. and I have conversations all the time about our family. How big we want it, where we want to raise our kids, when I will be able to be a  stay at home mom, ect. One thing Mr. is clear on is that he wants a big family! When we first stated dating he wasn't sure he wanted kids, then he knew he did just wasn't sure when, then randomly he told me he was ready on a car ride home from NY, and then he declares: four kids, maybe more, but four is his magic number! I am OK with that, I love kids, and I would love having a big family! We often think how we would house four kids, and last night while we searching real estate in Vermont, we came across this:
I love it! The top picture, and Mr. assured me that when the 4th one is here, he will build this!!! I have to admit I am kinda excited about it!

How big is your family, or how big do you and your Mr.'s want your family?


  1. Wow 4! I didn't know you guys wanted that many. We said 3 but at this point affording a 3rd is not in the near future. Love the bunks they are definately a great idea.

  2. I love that first photo.Such a great idea!! I would like 2 little ones, but I'm open to more! :) Hubby would like to adopt at some point as well as he was adopted.However we need a bigger place first! :)

  3. I love those bunks. I have 5 kids, more or less. Three grow girls and now raising 2 of my grandkids. I am your newest follower from MBC Hope you come pay me a visit.