Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I am usually not a person who "wants" alot, since Mr.'s hours have been cut for about 6 months, and we have had our son we have learned to prioritize between needs and wants, which I am actually grateful for becuase it has been a life lesson. Often times we want, want, want, without realizing, what others can live without. We take for grantite what we have. The lesson I have learned has been that material, and monatary "things" really don't matter at all, if you have the neccesities: shelter, food, and love!!!

With that being said, I am only human, and lately I have a few "wants". I am going to share them with you:

1. Currenly I would love a huge cup of coffee in the mug Mr. bought me on our first Vaelentine's Day together. I had meetings all morning, my students are at specials now, and I have meeting after school fro 4-8, so this would help alot!!

2. I WANT this sign to hang up in our house, I have a few places I can think of for it to hang, the kitchen, or Ian's playroom. I love it!

3. I want a new baby. A baby to add to our family. I have the fever. Mr. has the fever. We want to give Ian the best gift in the world, a little brother or sister. However, we must wait a few months. Y'all know I am a teacher, and so we are going to try to stratigicaly plan this to concieve during a certain time period, so I will be present for state exams, and use the last 6 weeks of school for maternity leave, and have the 9 weeks of summer off as well!

Now I know there are no guarentees, but there is HOPE!

4. I want Tin Roof Food. It's been way to long! A few items sound perfect right now, with an unsweet Arnold Palmer PLEASE!

A girl can be human right? So those are my current wants, what are yours?


  1. The Tin Roof, I can't remember the last time I was there we need to do a girls lunch soon!

  2. Hello! I recently started following your blog and really enjoy it! I also love that sign and would love to know where I could find one! Where did you find it?