Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ianisms, and Baby B's name....

Ian is the sweetest little guy. And the things that he says are precious. The things that come out of his mouth as a two year old are so innocent, and unpredicatable. I want to share a  few  things I think are funny, cute, and just too much not to share. Enoy!

"I did it , Hooray! That's Better" -after going poo on the potty.

"I wash hands, That's Better"

"Too hot mommy, ok, I cut it", he walks to my breakfast plate and cuts my pop tart with his fork, blows on it and says, "There that's better!"

"When he goes in the bathroom to do his bussiness he says, "I shut the door, ok, shut the door!"

"Daddy, ear boogies" -he says to Mr. as they are wrestling and he sees wax in Mr's ears.

At dinner, ..."I pray...Name of Father, son, holy spirit, amen, bless us oh lord, I hungry, father, son, holy spirit, A-MEN!"

"E, I, E, I, O.....he has the whole world in his hands"

Everyday Mr. and I drop him at daycare he says, "Love you Mommy, Love you Daddy, Have a good day, ok?"- It's so cute!

He currently calls Santa, "HO, Ho, Ho"..and when you ask him what he wants Ho, Ho ho to bring him, says he NEEDS him to bring paints, p-please!

"When anyone sneezes he says, "Well, Bless you." and after you say, "Thank you", he says, "welcome".

After he does something to help out for example putting a dish in the sink he says, "TA-DA!", or after feeding the animals, "TA-DA!", or putting napkins on the dinner table, "TA-DA!"

and my favorite, " brother", lifts my shirt and kisses, pats, or sings to Brennan. Yes there it is the big Reveal Baby B will be called Brennan Robert Murphy!!!

What cute and precious things do your little ones say?

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