Sunday, December 4, 2011

looking anywhere but...

After almost a year of launching my photography business, I figured that I could do our photos this year for our Christmas Card. Ha Ha Ha. For some reason working with others children to capture a great moment works for me, but with my own child I get anything but the perfect capture. No of my tricks work with him, none. Usually I have our cards ordered by now, addressed, and ready to send out the 8th, only becuase 8 is my favorite number, and this year I have nothing. Perhaps I should just send what I do have so all our family and friends can see what a handful a two year old is! All Momma wanted was for Ian to look at her, he didn't even have to smile, I would of taken a silly face, or silly face, but Ian looked anywhere but at momma.

          Here is the outcome.......

Maybe I should go ahead and send these out, what do you think?

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