Tuesday, February 15, 2011

15 months old!

At 15 months old, Ian:
•Weighs 26 pounds: 90th percentile
•Is 32 inches long: 75th percentile
•Has a 16 inch head: 80th percentile
•Has 2.5 teeth!
•No longer takes his milk out of a bottle!  Basically, we just did the whole "out of sight, out of mind" thing and said goodbye to bottles!
•LOVES to read. He brings us books, turns around, and backs up into our lap so that he can sit and listen to us read.
•RUNS everywhere!
•Understands soo much! He'll help Mr. and I  clean up and bring uscertain toys when I ask for them. He is smart!
•Has LOVES fruit and yogurt. If we let him that would be his diet. He points to the refrigerator, I open it, and he opens the drawer and gets his yogurt.
•LOVES any kind of ball - and will repeat "ball" over and over again when he sees one. He especially loves footballs and soccer balls.... see??

•Is still a dancing machine, and loves music.
•Can say lots of new words. This week, he said "mine" and "luv you"! "Mine" is something we will work on, I do not like it one bit!

I love you so much pumpkin pie, you continue to amaze me everyday. Your so smart, and funny! {I'm in trouble when you start to date the ladies} You make dad and I smile all the time! Everyday I love you more and couldn't be more blesssed to be your momma.

                                                                     Love, Momma

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