Thursday, February 17, 2011

Embracing the big 3-0!

Some people dread turning the big 3-0. I am not one of them. Maybe it is because I do not spend my time dwelling on the perceived bad things that come with 30. Instead I choose to look at all the great things that come with turning 30. It helps me to embrace 30 instead of dread it. Although today is my last day of my 20's, I am blogging about this today because my Mr. has the whole day planned out tomorrow, and I am unsure of what it entails other than dinner. I will have to post that  Saturday! So here's to 30!

So here is my List.....the 30 best things about turning 30:

1.I get to check a new age group box on forms.

2.I get to say, “I remember when I was in my 20s”.

3.It is a milestone birthday.

4.It is more exciting to say “I am 30″ than “I am 29 or 31″

5. Women have more fun in their 30's, I am told!

6.I get 10 years to prepare for turning 40.

7.I get to take the time to look at a new vision for my 30s.

8.I have stopped trying to find myself and started creating myself.

9.I get to start anew in my new age range.

10.I have great experiences from my past and so now I get to add new ones!

11.I can celebrate BIG for this birthday.

12.I am officially a accomplished women in my mind. Career, check. Mr, Check. House, Check. Dog, check. Son, check. Perhaps the daughter will be worked on this year!
13.When I get carded it is a compliment instead of them not thinking I am old enough.

14.All the life lessons I learned in my 20s, I can now apply to my life.

15.Don’t have to worry about being 30 because I just AM.

16.Get to read all the self help books about surviving your 30’s and nod in agreement with them.

17.Do not have to do it alone since many of my friends are turning 30 with me.

18.A major birthday like 30 means better presents! (More on this later!)

19.If I have learn nothing else from Desperate Housewives, 40 is the new 30 and 30 is the new 20.

20.People naturally take you more seriously when you are in your 30s.

21.You get to smile when people can not believe you are 30.

22.No longer have to struggle to be an adult because you have years of practice.

23.5 more years and I can be president.

24.Instead of stressing about acne, I can stress about wrinkles and gray white hair.

25.When I was younger 30 was OLD, now I feel 30 is young.

26.I Don’t wait for Santa to bring me a wii, I can go get my own.

27.I maybe turning 30 but I will still always be the youngest at heart..

28.Turning 30 makes you appreciate your 20’s and look forward to your 40s.

29.There is only on option to not turning 30, that is death. I say, “Welcome 30!”

30.Like the Christina song, “Keeps Getting Better”

Happy 30th Birthday Momma!

Is anyone else turning 30 this year?

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