Wednesday, February 9, 2011


no blog entry for two weeks...{} as Abby would say over at Babbling Abby, I wish I could somedays.  I must admitt, I have overloaded myself. Life has been crazy busy! I have been trying to learn as much as I can about my new camera and picture taking, before school tutoring started and who volunteered, Me! (Letme  just tell you so not worth it. Last week I was to get 130 extra dollars in my pay check , and after Uncle Sam got a holdof it I made 50), aside from being Momma, Wifey, Teacher, Friend, Sister, Daughter, ect....I also have taken on the challenge of P90X Y'all. . My plate has been FULL! So that is where I have been.  I know full of excuses everyday life!

This is how my schedules looks for the past 2 weeks, brace yourself...
4:30am - wake up and work out
5:30am- Shower it up
6:10am- Drop off e-man at Ms. Jennifer's
6:10-7:15am commute into the city for work
7:15am-8:15am- Tutor
8:25am-3:45pm- Teacher
3:45pm-4:15pm- Plan for tomorrow
4:15pm-5:45pm- Commute home to the country
5:45pm Pick up my little man
5:55pm-6:30pm Dishes, Dinner, Playtime with Ian
6:30pm-7:30pm All PLay, All Ian
7:30pm- Bath time
8:00pm- Reading as a Family, Ian goes to bed.
8:20pm-9:30pm Workout.
10:00pm- Bed.

See what I mean. Not much time in their for blogging. ugh. I am blogging right now as my students are writing me a letter to convince me that Eleanor Roosevelt was the best First Lady America has had.

So that is where I have been. I know this post is lame but your in for it with the next few....P90X & WW, EZmeals, and Photography.

And because no post is complete without pictures......and to prove we do have fun even with a busy schedule:
                                                   Who me? Nah couldn't be!
                                                     my little ham
                                                         buble guppies with daddy
                                                               Playing with Momma


  1. Following you back from MBC. Your blog is cute and your schedule sounds a little like mine...CRAZY!

  2. Wow! That made me tired just to read! Love the little bath pic!!