Thursday, January 13, 2011

{heart} day decor

Once Cabin Fever set in from a week off from work, and lots of blog stalking, I was inspired to decorate for Valentine's Day. I must warn you Mr. and I do not celebrate this day the way the average American does. We both have a philosophy that we do not need a special day to celebrate our love when we love each other every day. However, my house has felt naked since my Christmas decor went down, and I love switching up the decor. I was mostly inspired from Lisa @ Lisa Leonard Designs. So I have to give her credit.

Mantle Makeover
I added 2 picture frames that I bought at {Michael's} and painted myself. I also added a glass vase as well with river rocks and twigs. On the twigs I hung Red Glitter Hearts which gave it just the right touch.
They were purchased at {Hobby Lobby.}

                             Red Wooden Heart {Michael's, $1.00}, Hand Print was Mother's Day Gift.
                                     Foam Hearts $7.00 for a pack of 30, XOXO sign $1.00 {Michael's}
                                      Foam Hearts $7.00 for a pack of 30, Love Letter sign $1.00 {Michael's}

 Top Right: I ran with the color theme. I had this old Christmas Card, and found it fitting with the colors, and since I was truly inspired to redo the mantle. Middle: Dot Glass is from Ikea. It's always son the dinning room table I just switch out it's decor depending on the holiday/season. Love Box Heart was just a top I had laying around from a gift years ago. Glitter hearts left over from the box of ordiments I used on the branches. {Hobby Lobby}
Top Right: Frame painted from {Michales} again going with the color theme. Art inside are Ian's hand prints layed on top of one another.
Bottom: String of hearts are foam hearts from {Michael's} 30 pack, strung together by yard I had laying around!

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