Friday, January 28, 2011


I am taking the plunge! Diving in head first! Wearing the little yellow polka dot bikini...... I have invested in a fancy smashncy new camera and a few lenses. I have always loved taking pictures. As a young girl my grandpa ward always had a fancy camera with him 24-7. It always interested me, and I was often caught with it snapping photos and giggling! Since I have had Ian I have been come a little obsessed passionate about capturing every moment. So I have the camera and now I am going to start the never ending process of teaching myself how to use it.
I love like teaching! I love my students! I love that we have a love hate relationship most days. What I want more is to be getting paid to do what I love, while also getting to stay at home with the one thing I love even more.
My hope/goal is to learn as much as I can over the next year and be proud and confident for that. having my name out there and having my own business next summer! Being a photographer has aways been a goal of mine. I encourage my students everyday to write down and think about their goals and work hard at achieving them. I am finally taking my own advice.
Goal making will be has to be a big part of my plan. I really had no idea where to I told myself, meliss, just start-Just Do It! Camera ordered and delivered, lenses ordered and delivered, cute bag for the gear being made, first class signed up for (Feb.20th). Next I am heading to check out a few books from the library, reading blogs, looking at photos, and taking them!!
Right now I am running on faith, love, and passion...letting god teach me these things, and hoping he doesn't let me lose momentum. Am I afraid I may not succeed? Of course, I am human. However my grandfather always told me 'every minute you doubt yourself is a minute you can't get back'.
I have the passion it is going to take to learn, the patience I am working on.....I know it will be a process of trial and error while learning the who-what-where-when-and why of photography.
I have my end goal in mind and am focused on reaching it.
wish me luck....


  1. What camera did you buy? I'm looking to get a new one, too (as my engagement present to myself.. :) ).

  2. Amanda- I got the NikonD3100. So far I love it! I have 3 lenses and I am slowly learning to shoot with them. I keep the camera in manuel mode so I can learn faster......I must say about 50% of them are crap! I'm takinga class in a few weeks, I can't wait! has great deals on bundles!

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