Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3 Things....

As I sit in my classroom, my students are completing an writing assessment on Response to Lit., so I decided to venture into my mommy message board.....it seems to be getting repeatative lately, and not so busy...but this post was there so I figured I would go ahead and fill it out!!


3 things I love right now..

-Ian's laugh and Smile!
-My husband...He is my rock.
-Spring Break is in 4 weeks!!

3 things I hate right now:
-That I am not at home with Ian
-The baby bump I am working on everyday to rid of. ( I know that I am under my prepreg. weight, but the baby bump is killing me!)
-The fact that for the first time in a long time were on a "budget", that allows no extras!

3 things I'm passionate about:
-Making my own baby food!

3 smells I love:
-Italian Food
-Magnolia Trees
-Brenda Nugent's House

3 places I visit a lot
-Publix(I seem to be there WAY too often)

3 things I will change(I changed that from wish I could...I read a book called Excuses Begone so I am not wishing anymore I am changing! ;)
-My weight
-Our Financial Situation
-Where we live

3 things I want to accomplish before I die
-See Ian grow up and be a success, gratuate, get married, and have babies.
-Travel with the hubby
-Have a little girl

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