Friday, March 12, 2010

4 months old!!!!

Today, our sweet Ian is 4 months old! He is such a good baby and we really do have the best time with him. I cannot begin to tell you the joy and love this little man has brought into my life. He can truly light up a room and melt your heart with his smile &. His coo and laughs are so contagious. Happy 4 Months Sweet Baby!

At 4 months old, Ian:

*Smiles and giggles and the time

*Puts Most things in his mouth

*Can't sit still

*Drools Constantly

*Has finally figured out his hands and is great at reaaching and grabing for things, and has a killer grip!!!

*Is rolling from his belly to back, and his back to his belly

*Still HATES baths, and plays soccer with his duck, and baseball

*Loves to "stand" on my legs or a flat surface

*Has a new best friend: Sophie

*Loves to talk walks and runs with Mama and Dada

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