Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling.....

Mr. Ian has decided he is off and rolling! Saturday as I mentioned he was rolling from back to belly for our morning play session, and then again for daddy on Sunday. Today Dan picked him up from daycare, and when I got home from ZUMBA (errr), he asked me, "Is Ian rolling from his tummy to his back?", and of course I said, "I don't think so", because I haven't seen him. Dan continued to say that Ms. Heidi said that he was doing it all afternoon and she could not get him to stay on his tummy for tummy time. So I took out his daily log anound there it was:

Ian did not get much tummy time today, he kept rolling from his tummy to his back!!

YAY Ian!!! Your such a strong little guy, I love you!!!!

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