Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Best Friend...Sophie

Ian has a new best friend...............

The second I saw her I was smitten. She stood 7 inches high with big, coal-black eyes, a blush of hot pink on each cheek and a little mouth parted to reveal a cheerful smile. I loved the rich caramel color of her spots, the jaunty bend of her front knee, the way her long, thin neck fit so perfectly in Ian's fat little hand. The texture of her body was soft like suede.
Little did I know that falling in love with this rubber giraffe was the equivalent of falling in love with that cute dress you hoped your friend had bought at Forever 21 but that turned out to be from Marc Jacobs.
She has a name, Sophie, and if you start asking around you'll find that most new moms have at least heard of her, if they haven't already bought her. Maybe they saw her in Us Weekly, clutched in the hands of Nicole Richie's daughter, Harlow Madden, or maybe they saw Sophie back in 2004 being gnawed on by Kate Hudson's son, Ryder Robinson (an early adopter). Perhaps they've gone to a birthday party or a play group where their little one encountered Sophie and was instantly fixated -- a story repeated in dozens of online reviews of the toy. Or possibly they've spotted her at a baby boutique (because you won't find Sophie in the big-box stores). Since Amazon started selling her in 2008, she has consistently ranked in the top three most wished-for items in the baby store and has earned a 4 1/2 -star rating based on 273 reviews.
Ian agrees..........he loves her. The only problem is that the sqeek, makes our dog think it's her toy!

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