Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sweet Julie......Perks of being a teacher!

This morning I arrived at school to a note left from the sub. It again snowed in Atlanta, and the city shut down again( bread, eggs, milk, gone!). I had to leave school early to pick up Ian from daycare because they were closing @ 1:00 due to "threatning weather" (snow flurries which turned to water as it hit the ground, but anyhow the note.....
"Your class was OUT OF CONTROL". Oh geez. So for the 1,000 or 1000,000,000 time this year we had, "the talk". But there are sweet ones in my garden of sour patch kids. Juliannes being one, and she handed me this:

inside was this:

Although the Ian Murphy is backwards these are the little reminders that I am loved and repected by my students. How sweet is Julie? Made my day!!!!

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