Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our Big, BIg, BIG day!

So today was a big day!! First thing this morning Ian rolled over from his back to tummy!!! (not once BUT TWICE!!!!). I was screaming and clapping so loud that I woke up Dan, on his morning to sleep in. Sorry babe!

Then we went to the Zoo! Although Ian is a little too small to actually know where we were he loved looking around at all the animals and people!!! He took in the world every minute, he is so curious!!!!

After the Zoo we had a great lunch in the beautiful sun, and then took our first family run!!!! We have been on walks and a few hikes but no runs!!! We ran to Mirror Lake and home, and Ian love dit, he was babbling, and smiling away!!! Great Job on your first 2 miles Ian!!!

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