Sunday, January 9, 2011

what's your word {2011}

2011 is here! I have been thinking about my word of the year a lot. At first I thought {live}, since that first thought I have spent sometime relfecting and decided it is not, that is actually something I do really will be..{Better}. I choose  this word because it is meaningful and captures my heart! the perfect reminder to live each day well!


I want to be a ‘Better Me’ my work, my play, my marriage, my parenting, my running, my eating, my health, my friendships, my faith, my patience, and the list goes on.

It is so important to continuously work on becoming better. This year I want to make a constant effort to do that. After much thought and contemplation, I have come up with a list that I think will help me do so.

  • I will become better if I can remember to just let it be.  What I mean by let it be is; letting go of the little things that really don’t matter.
  • I will become a better me if I can remember to smile, laugh, and giggle everyday.
  • I will become better if I can have a little more patience.
  • I will become a better me if I learn to let Mr., worry. That is what he does, and he does it well!
  • I will become a better me if I exercise everyday, even if it is as small as playing airplane (lifting my 26 pound cutie with my legs and arms) with Ian.
  • I will become a better me if take time to read something for me. Not for my family, my job, my marriage, ect. Blogs cannot count for this.
  • I will become a better me if I fnd more time to blog. It is theraputic...for me. (Y'all know for you as well)
  • I will be a better me if I try to stick to purchsing only needs and not wants.
  • I will become a better me if I find a church I love and practice my faith more often.
  • I will become a better me if I can take on a new hobby. I would like this to be photography. I love taking pictures, editting pictures, and looking at photography.
  • I will become a better me if I just stop life sometimes, and connect with my Mr. Our lives are busy and oftentimes we both give a lot but often not enough to each other. Date night every 2 weeks.
I can only hope at the end of 2011, I can say I have become a better me. I know it will not always be easy, but I am giving it a try and that will make all the difference. Here's to a 2011 and a new 'little word'.

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