Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Days... {2 in a row}

Today we didn't have school because we received about 5 inches of a snow-ice mix  yesterday.  Everyone who lives in places where it snows regularly in the winter just laughs at how the world stops for five inches in Georgia. Growing up in the North- I get it. I want to giggle as well. However the South is very unprepared unlike the North, which is what makes it about 10 times worse than it seems. Think about it- we have about 3 plows, and a few truck loads of sand and slat in Atlanta, how would lake Placid survive on that?  It's true that we don't know how to handle snow and icy roads.

So at the Murphy's we have taken full advantage of our days:
We have danced.
We have colored.
We have finger painted.
We have jumped on the beds. (Don't tell Daddy)
We have cuddled.
We have read books.
We have watch many episodes of Sid, and Loony Tunes.
We have ate plenty of banana pudding.
We have giggle, squalled and laughed hysterically.
We have made fires.
We have decorated for Valentines Day.
We have shoveled.
We have baked.
We have just been plain silly and are loving it.

P.S. We have another one tomorrow.

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  1. Lol! Thanks for the comment Melissa! I'm glad there are other blunt folks out there who can appreciate my honesty. =) I teach high school (never boring, always interesting - lots of drama and way too many hormones...).

    We had a couple snow days here on Monday and Tuesday, but you're right, it cracks me up how the South can't handle a little bit of snow. My sister in law moved to Georgia from Idaho last year and she just laughs every time. =)