Monday, January 17, 2011

Sleepless Nights...

Since Thursday Ian had been having very sleepless nights. He kept waking up, fussing, and screaming. Since he still has only 1 tooth, and and half of the next Mr. and I figured that it was his teeth. Sunday that changed. While watching the Jets game- GO JETS!, Ian was laying on me and was burning up! 103.5 YIKES! This is where I start to question myself, Was I bad Momma? Were all those cries because he is ill, and I blamed it on those delayed teeth? Monday, 103.5...102.0......103.7...calling the Dr. Advised to give him Tylenol/Motrin, and monitor the fever. If it doesn't go away call back. Well of course it will go away that is what those medicines are made for. So it did 101.2........and then back up 103.5 Were off to the doctor. Ugh. Yet another ear infection. How do these things keep creeping up on us. His 5th since he was born.
Please tell me What causes these things? Is their anything I am doing that is causing them?

All he wanted was his momma. All momma wanted was for him to feel better. It was the worst feeling in the world knowing he was in pain, and uncomfortable. My cuddling soothed him. I guess it's true that it's the little things.  He feel asleep on my chest tonight holding our Family Tree Necklace. It was so precious. Mr snapped a picture for me. It will be framed and hung up! If you would like your own check out Lisa's Shop, and Blog. She has some beautiful pieces! P.S. If you sign up for her newsletter you get 15% off your first order!


  1. I love that picture! So sweet! My boy's thankfully didn't get a lot of ear infections when they were babies. But, I have some friends that their little ones got them all the time. Your not a bad Mommy. Oh if I had a dollar for every time I called myself a bad Mommy. I would be rich! Hang in there Mom and Dad it does get easier. Unless your like me and get pregnant again while your first is only 3months old. Two kids only a year and a week apart is crazy! lol

  2. Here are some thing to do to prevent ear infections.

    1. Have children use disposable tissues when they blow their noses or to cover their mouths when they cough.
    2. Teach children that tissues should be used only once and then thrown away properly.
    3. Do not allow children to share toys that they put in their mouths.
    4. Wash dirty toys in hot, soapy water before allowing other children to play with them.
    5. Teach children to always wash their hands after sneezing or coughing into them.
    6. Do not allow sick children to share food or drinks.
    7. Regularly wash and disinfect all surface areas and common play areas.
    8. Do not share bathroom cups and other utensils that go in the mouth.

  3. Aww poor baby! I hope he is feeling better. He is absolutely beautiful - and I love your family tree necklace!
    New blog follower from Mom Bloggers Club and would love a follow back!